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The last time we got to see Tokyo Revengers on screen was in 2021. It’s been over a year, so when will we get the sequel? The bad news is that we don’t have a release date for Tokyo Revengers Season 2. We are still waiting for news. However, the good news is that the anime has not been canceled. And the production of the first season didn’t take much time, so you can expect the sequel to come out somewhere in 2023.

We expect the sequel to be better in terms of production, as the first season didn’t fully wow the audience; there were some aspects the anime lacked in. It is therefore possible that the team takes all its time to improve the quality. Expect the release date to be announced in 2022 only. But since these are only our speculations, you cannot rely on them completely. Hopefully the official studio will let us know very soon!

Cast: Tokyo Revengers Season 2

As Tokyo Revengers Season 2 doesn’t have a release date yet, we don’t yet know who will be playing it. But you can expect the hard core of the cast to be back in the sequel. See also: The Mandalorian season 3: release date and cast. In this case, the following characters will be present in the second episode of Tokyo Revengers:

Hopefully the team behind the camera will also stay the same. These details usually arrive closer to the premiere date. So we are still in a gray area. And depending on the plot, there may be new cast members as well. Who will these new characters be? It’s entirely up to the writers and how they want to pursue the plot. We are sure that they will integrate new villains or heroes into the story.

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There is no official Tokyo Revengers season 2 synopsis available yet. This means it’s hard to predict exactly what may happen next. However, we have some predictions based on theories and the first season finale. Do not hesitate to read them!

The story will most likely continue where it ended in the first season. Takemichi must have suffered a lot in the first season and his suffering won’t stop in the sequel either. He will have to face other problems in the next season. The second episode will likely focus on how he survives these issues despite the circumstances.

The fact that Takemichi revealed things to Hinata (by time traveling) had important consequences in the first season. So, will this also have an effect on the second season? At this time, we don’t have enough resources to answer this question, but since the story will be told in continuity, it makes sense that the plot also includes this scenario!

Looking at the first season finale, it looked like Takemichi was dead. But of course, being one of the main characters, he can’t be killed like that. He will definitely come back in the next season and we will see how he got out of such a dangerous situation. Outside of his story, we also hope that Nakemichi will have a more extensive character arc. For more information on the second season’s plot, stay tuned!