Tokyo Revengers on Disney +: violence and gang warfare on the program of this new anime not recommended for your children

The animated series “Tokyo Revengers”, offered each week exclusively on Disney +, is not to be watched at any age, because of its many particularly realistic fight scenes.

What is it about ?

At 26, Takemichi feels like he’s already messed up his life. Living on ungrateful little jobs just good enough to pay the rent of a shabby studio, he laments the desert of his love life when he learns of the death of Hinata, the only girlfriend he has had…

The young girl and her brother were the collateral victims of a settling of accounts between the members of a gigantic gang, the Tokyo Manji-kai. Still in shock, Takemichi is in turn the victim of an accident that inexplicably takes him back 12 years, when he was in college and gave himself the air of a bad boy. And if it was for him the occasion to save Hinata?

Season 2 airs weekly on Disney+

Why would the kids want to see it?

We know the importance of word of mouth, both in the playground and on social networks, and the popularity of this new series with fans of manga and anime makes it necessarily essential for the public, including among younger viewers.

There are all the elements in Tokyo Revengers to seduce a large audience. A seemingly banal hero who will show extraordinary courage, time travel, a cursed love or even the friendship that stands the test of all obstacles that connects the main heroes of the program and which will grow stronger over time. as the plot progresses.

What can be a problem for them

• Lots of fight scenes. But while many anime depict heroes clashing with fireballs and other magical powers, Tokyo Revengers takes place in a realistic universe, with street fights with raw violence.

• An ode to the courage and power of friendship, but the code of honor that binds the heroes of the series to their gang will push them to put their lives on the line many times to protect their brothers in arms. Thus, death will not hesitate to strike many times…

• The particularity of this series is to follow a “weak” hero, whose real strength is his courage. Particularly useless when it comes to brawling, Takemichi will very often get beaten up and end up in the hospital. Beyond the shock this may have on young viewers, there is also the risk that the fights of the series will inspire your children’s next games in the playground…

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