Tokyo Revengers reaches 50 million before its second season – Universe Nintendo

The Tokyo Revengers manga once again outdoes itself, reaching the 50 million copies mark in circulation.

In the early hours of Wednesday the account in Twitter official of Tokyo Revengers made an ad about the sales achieved by the manga of the series. Finally and after a few months, it has reached the mark of the 50 million copies On circulation.

As always, this figure includes not only the copies in the hands of readers, but also those that are on store shelves and even stored in warehouses.

This figure covers the 25 volumes published so far, which have had several reprints. All due to the tremendous boost given to it by the anime, and to a lesser degree, its movie. live-action.

Both productions came out last year. The previous report on manga sales was for September 25, 2021, which was 40 million in circulation. So it took just over three months to get to this number.

Analyzing manga data from Tokyo Revengers, it is evident that its animated adaptation by LIDEN FILMS It has been the key to its success. In September 2020 it barely had five million units and in February 2021 it reached eight million.

At the end of March last year it reached 10 million. It was then that the anime entered the scene on April 12, 2021 and in May it jumped to 14.5 million.

From there, and while the series was broadcast, things escalated quickly. In June 2021 it exceeded 25 million and in July it reached 32 million. At the end of the anime, calm came and in August it was at 35 million.

But again you will have the opportunity to rise with the premiere of the episodes of the arc of the manga Seiya Kessen, known in English as Christmas Showdown. They don’t have a date yet but it’s just a matter of time.

Without letting go of another movie live-action could occur. Perhaps the only thing that could stop the sales of the manga of Tokyo Revengers is that it ends. Wakui He is already working on the final stretch and that is something inevitable.

Due to the figure of 50 million, the manga joins the club of which works such as Nana The Boku no Hero Academia, which previously reached that figure. It remains to be seen how far it will go in the near future.

Tokyo Revengers sells out its presales in Mexico

While the manga begins to be published this month in Mexico and Latin America thanks to Panini Manga Mexico. Their presales were sold out a few days ago.