Tokyo Revengers reaches new sales brand – Nintendo Universe

The latest sales of the Tokyo Revengers manga are revealed, though it seems things have slowed down a bit in Japan.

On July 22, it was revealed that the manga of Tokyo Revengers from Ken Wakui it had already reached 32 million copies in circulation. More than a month has passed since then, and a new report has yet to appear. At least not from the official account in Twitter, @toman_official.

But an indirect source reveals more about the situation. The information comes from an article about a collaboration of this franchise and a popular mobile game.

The latter is Kyoutou Kotoba RPG Kotodaman from Sega, a title Free-to-Play O F2P. There it is mentioned that it carries 35 million copies published. As in other cases, not only the magazines that reach the hands of readers are being taken into account, but also those that are on display.

Likewise, those stored in warehouses. This sales detail was published on August 27. It gives the impression that things “slowed down” a bit.

What happens is that the June 29 report had the manga of Tokyo Revengers at the 25 million mark, and the July 22 mark, which I mentioned at the beginning, at 32 million. That is a difference of seven million, which exceeds what is revealed in the new information.

That is, an increase of just three million. The article mentions the number of tickets sold and earnings generated by the film with real actors or live-action.

However, these figures were also shared for the respective account in Twitter, @revengers_movie. Over three million tickets have been sold, and 4 billion yen has been raised.

At the current exchange rate they are approximately $ 36,302,748 dollars. This film has not done badly, which premiered on July 9 in Japan. That after it was delayed more than once to avoid the pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Shingeki no Kyojin ve roto su récord por Tokyo Revengers

September is the month in which the anime of Tokyo Revengers. It remains to be seen if the manga’s sales hold up after that. So far he has accomplished feats like surpassing popularity to Jujutsu Kaisenbut to break a record that Shingeki no Kyojin from Hajime Isayama imposed in 2013 at the publishing house Kodansha.

It is probable that neither his own Wakui He imagined that his work would grow so spectacularly, and thanks to the female audience. We will see if @toman_official corroborate this information. By the way, this sales detail comes from an article from Yahoo! News Japan.