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Through the official twitter of Tokyo Revengers the title of his new live-action movies has just been released. These will bear the name of Chi no Halloween -Unmei- Y Chi no Halloween – Kessen-. Both will be released at different times in 2023.

The image that announces the names of Tokyo Revengers 2
Source: Twitter – Revengers Movie

This pair of tapes together are considered as a single sequel to the film of Tokyo Revengers which came out in 2021. As such we will see the return of actors Takumi Kitamura as Takemichi Hanagaki, Ryo Yoshizawa as Mikey and Yuki Yamada as Draken.

Neither of these two parts yet has an exact release date. However it was announced that Chi no Halloween -Unmei- It will arrive in spring 2023. For its part, Chi no Halloween – Kessen- It will be released sometime in the summer of the same year.

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Perhaps this pair of sequels can achieve the same success as its predecessor. Since when the first live-action of Tokyo Revengers premiered in 2021 it became the most successful adaptation of that year. Hopefully soon they will release some progress to learn a little more about what we can expect.

What arcs will this Tokyo Revengers sequel adapt?

Due to the title of the pair of sequel films to Tokyo Revengers we might get an idea of ​​what they will adapt. Since they will surely cover the arc of Valhalla and Bloody Halloween. Which makes sense for more than the name, since chronologically they are the second arc.

An image of the live-action of Tokyo Revengers
Source: Twitter – Revengers Movie

At the moment it is not known if the live-action films will continue to adapt everything until the end. Perhaps everything will depend on the success that each film achieves, since if they were not profitable, it would not be worth it.. Even so, we still have the manga and its anime adaptation. Have you guys seen the live action movie yet? Are you waiting for this sequel?

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