Tokyo Revengers reveals the premiere date of its second season on Disney +


A new season of the Tokyo Revegers anime has been confirmed and to the sadness of the fans it will be released exclusively through Disney +.

There is already a premiere date for the second season of Tokyo Revengers!
© Official Twitter Tokyo RevengersThere is already a premiere date for the second season of Tokyo Revengers!

Tokyo Revengers has already release date for your second season and what now will be released exclusively in Disney+ for him disgust of some fans.

When does the second season of Tokyo Revengers premiere?

The anime series Tokyo Revengers revealed the release date for your second season which will start on January 7, 2023 and the one that is will focus in the Christmas Conflict Arca little far from Christmas time that there is currently

due to a mass deal what has signed Disney with the publisher Kodanshathe Serie I know will issue a international level by streaming platform of mouse.

Notably Disney has the international broadcast rights in simulcast so the transmission should follow the japanese with a new weekly episode

However, you have to wait how the catalog will look of the platform for Latin America, as another of the animes What is it broadcast on Disney+ it is bleach and that it is assumed that also would be simulcast globally in Latin America and Europe even not availablesince it was only broadcast in America.

the tokyo gang

Tokyo Revengers is a story based on a gang that existed in japan and it is a written and illustrated manga by Ken Wakui that It is currently being adapted as an anime.but what keep going with weekly posts.

The history follow Hanagaki Takemichia man of 26 yearsfrustrated and disappointed because his life was not what he wanted and the plot starts when takemichi discover that his teenage girlfriendTachibana Hinata and her little brother Naoto, turn out dead for Tokyo Manji gang attack (They take), same gang that during his adolescence tortured him.

This is when the story gets interesting since at discover that ToMan killed the great love of his lifemakes takemichi decide end his life by wanting fall onto the train tracks where see his life go by and finish traveling to the past 12 years beforewithout knowing if it is a sleep either what’s going on.

If you want learn more this history you can still find it on Crunchyroll Since the First season from anime lies available on the platform.