“Tokyo Revengers”: schedule and how to watch season 2 of the anime on Star Plus and Disney Plus

premieres its season 2 with a simultaneous broadcast in Japan and Latin America and Spain. Despite the initial fear of what The Walt Disney Company could do with the new chapters, the date and time that the new anime chapters can be seen on streaming platforms have already been confirmed. Y .

It did not seem good news for the followers of the series the fact that Disney will be in charge of the distribution of the new installment of the story created by Ken Wakui. What happened with “Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War” it was an indication of concern.

Because the new season of Tite Kubo anime aired on the whole world except Spain and Latin America. Fans of the TV show, who waited more than 10 years to see the final animated arc, were unable to legally access the new episodes.

Only in 2023 did they go up the 16 seasons of “Bleach” to Star Plus and in february TYBW It will be available on that platform. For the peace of mind of the fans of “Tokyo Avengers”Takemichi’s story is will premiere simultaneously and here we tell you where, when and at what time you can see season 2.

A promotional image for “Tokyo Revengers” (Photo: Liden Films)


The season 2 of “Tokyo Revengers” will be available in Star Plus and Disney Plus in Latin America and Spain, respectively, from the Saturday January 7according to official information from the official accounts of the streaming platforms.

New episodes will be released every week and will be, in total, 13 chapters those that make up the new installment of the series. The first season of “Tokyo Revengers” is available on Crunchyroll and you can see it in this .


Star Plus of Latin America Y Disney Plus from Spain season 2 premiere “Tokyo Avengers” simultaneously with the Japanese broadcast on their respective streaming platforms.

Schedule of “Tokyo Revengers 2” by country:

  • Mexico: 12 p.m.
  • Colombia, Peru and Ecuador: 1 pm.
  • Venezuela, Bolivia: 2:45 p.m.
  • Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay: 4:45 p.m.
  • Spain: 8 p.m.
Takemichi can travel in time (Photo: Liden Films)

Takemichi can travel in time (Photo: Liden Films)


The season 2 of “Tokyo Revengers” has as title Christmas Showdown and will show the adaptation of the homonymous arc where the fight between the Toman and the Black Dragon. takemichiin season 1, he followed after his goal of saving Hina from death, but was ambushed in the last episode by Kisaki, who shot him in the leg.

Here you can see the trailer of “Tokyo Revengers 2″:

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