Tokyo Revengers season 2 is coming to Disney+

It’s not just in tokyo revenge the battles are tough. Streaming platforms do not hesitate to jostle to face market competition. As we are already starting the month of December, Disney+ has just given anime fans a nice surprise.

Credits: Kodansha

The streaming platform will stream Tokyo Revengers anime season 2 across the world.

The Christmas Showdown arc is coming

The year 2023 promises to be very intense for the Japanese animation industry. Very popular franchises will make their return to the front of the stage. And it’s not the fans who will complain about it. And one of the highly anticipated titles is the Tokyo Revengers season 2 anime adaptation.

After a very intense first season, Japanese artist Ken Wakui’s adaptation of the manga has managed to capture the attention of the public. Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting the sequel to young Takemichi’s tumultuous adventures in the Christmas Showdown arc.

But for now, there is no official date for its release yet. The only certainty to have is that the return is scheduled for next year. We will therefore still have to be patient. You can take a look at the announcement made by Disney+ below:

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The latest Disney+ acquisitions

The next season of Tokyo Revengers is not the only Japanese anime that can be found on the Disney+ streaming platform. If you’re a fan of Japanimation, you should most definitely know that Disney+ snagged a Big Three member’s broadcast earlier this year.

This is of course the anime Bleach: The Bloody Thousand Year War. Broadcast only on Disney + and Hulu, the American giant has struck a blow obtaining exclusivity on this title. And we can say that the fans did not expect such a coup, because Disney + had not accustomed us to it.

Besides the new season of Bleach, another anime has also caused a stir this year on the platform. The anime in question is called Summer Time Rendering. That said, it should be noted that titles like Black Rock Shooter, Star Wars: Vision or Yojouhan Times Machine Blues are also to be discovered.

What do you think of this new Disney+ acquisition? Are you looking forward to the second season of Tokyo Revengers? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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