Tokyo Revengers: Season 2 of the anime can be seen in simulcast in Spain, has Disney+ broken the curse?

Honestly, with the little anime that he put in his catalog Disney+ during the past 2022, it is incredible that he managed to become a the worst platform in the whole of streaming to see, precisely, the Japanese animation series. The reason for it? That in regions like Spain or Latin America we did not receive content that other areas saw in simulcast compared to Japan. The greatest example still valid? “Bleach TYBW”. Fortunately, “Tokyo Revengers” will not be part of the drama.

Disney+ confirms that season 2 of the Tokyo Revengers anime will be simulcast

Indeed, It has been Disney+ itself which has confirmed that there will be a simulcast of the second season of the “Tokyo Revengers” anime, something that you can see in the following official image of the platform’s programming:

And quickly let me comment on this a bit because it’s obviously quite relevant:

  • The first and most important point of the play: Does this imply that from now on the animes that Disney+ acquires WILL have a simulcast compared to the Japanese broadcast? 🤔
  • Since these types of companies rarely make statements about their product management, the question remains in the air. I mean, surely we won’t get out of it until the next anime arrives. 🙃
  • What happens now with things like the aforementioned Bleach TYBW? Logic suggests that the anime will arrive in Spain sooner rather than later at this point, but at the moment we still have no news. 😮
  • Taking into account that part 2 of the anime opens worldwide from July 2023, one would assume that there is the limit for the first part to reach regions that do not yet have it available. 🙌

Things as they are: this “Tokyo Revengers” season 2 is great news. Personally I’ve had enough of hitting Disney+ in these coming months, but because it’s obvious that they deserved it because of how they managed something as weighty as “Bleach TYBW”. If things move in the direction of “Tokyo Revengers” from now on, maybe only then will I start considering it as a truly worthwhile platform for anime..