Tokyo Revengers season 2: When and where to watch episode 1

Find out here when and where you can see the premiere of Tokyo Revengers season 2 with its episode 1.

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tokyo revengers was the big surprise of 2021 for the otaku world. Although it already had a strong fan base that read the original manga, with the premiere of the anime, both the sales of the original work and the impact on social networks skyrocketed, making the series achieve immense popularity.

The original manga on which this series is based is the work of Ken Wakui, who has published it between 2017 and 2022, and who is still continuing with various spin-offs and prequels. In Spain we can read Tokyo Revengers thanks to Editorial Standardwhile the first season of the anime is available on crunchyroll.

Now, as we say goodbye to one of the best anime seasons of late, the 2023 winter season beginswhich brings great works like ‘Trigun Stampede‘ either ‘Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown‘. Regarding the latter, which is season 2 of Tokyo Revengers, we will tell you below from when and where its episode 1 will be available.

Date and place of premiere of episode 1 of Tokyo Revengers season 2

As we told you a few months ago, together with the announcement of numerous projects that were to arrive soon, both during this 2023 and throughout the coming years, Disney+ confirmed that it would be the one who would distribute season 2 of Tokyo Revengers worldwide. Now, unfortunately, things will not be as simple as arriving on opening day, looking for Tokyo Revengers season 2 on Disney + and watching episode 1.

Opening of Toko Revengers season 2

As has already happened with several animes before, the series do not reach the platform, neither in Spain nor in many other regions of the world. Also, unlike what happens with other platforms, the animes do not reach Disney + even several months after their completion. And, it is that, for example, Netflix often waits for all the episodes of a series or season to be broadcast in order to launch it completely. Some of the works whose availability is in this criticized situation are ‘Bleach: TYBW‘ Y ‘Summertime Rendertwo of the great anime of 2022.

Now with Tokyo Revengers season 2, Disney+ has announced the territories in which the anime will air weekly starting with episode 1.. At least, the platform has had the decency to do this, which seems like one more step towards greater availability, although there are only 7 regions of the more than 100 in which Disney+ is present.

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Promotional image with the places where Tokyo Revengers season 2 can be seen in simulcast

After knowing the situation of the availability of Tokyo Revengers season 2, let’s know when episode 1 will arrive. The date chosen for Tokyo Revengers season 2 premiere is on January 8, 2023the day in which episode 1 of this new arc called ‘Christmas Showdown’ will be released.

And you, dear reader, How much do you want to finally be able to see episode 1 of Tokyo Revengers season 2? What do you think about the situation of animes on Disney+? Tell us through social mediawhere we recommend you follow us and thus find out the latest anime, science fiction and fantasy news.