Tokyo Revengers season 2: When and where to watch episode 2

Find out from when and where you can see episode 2 of Tokyo Revengers season 2.

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Like ‘Vinland Saga‘, Tokyo Revengers has returned this winter season of 2023 with its second season. Just a few days ago this new batch of episodes debuted on Disney+. Although fans are grateful to continue seeing Takemicchi’s story animated, there has been general discontent regarding the animation and graphics, which has not improved at all with the previous season having sold millions of copies during the year and medium that has existed between one and the other.

Despite this problem, which we hope LIDENFILMS will solve for a third season, the plot continues as interesting as ever and the viewers are eager to see how this new plot arc unfolds. Therefore, below, we will tell you the date, time and place of the premiere of episode 2 of Tokyo Revengers season 2.

Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 2 – When and where does it premiere?

As already confirmed a few months ago, Tokyo Revengers season 2 is distributed worldwide by Disney+, and its episode 2 was not going to be an exception. As for the decision to simulcast the series, it came as a big surprise to all the fans. And, it is that, these were already thinking that with season 2 of Tokyo Revengers something similar was going to happen as with ‘Summertime Render‘, whose premiere date on the platform has been recently announced, several months after its broadcast in Japan.

On the other hand, we have the release date of Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 2. Disney+ has confirmed that This new episode will hit the platform next Saturday, January 14.. We know this, as usual, thanks to the weekly release schedule that Disney+ publishes on social networks.

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To close the article, we reveal the exact time of simulcast broadcast, via Disney+, of episode 2 of Tokyo Revengers season 2. The intriguing story of Takemicchi and company can be continued from the next Saturday 14 at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish time)moment from which the new episode will be released in VOSE

So far there has been no news regarding a possible dubbing into Spanish or any other language. However, given the magnitude of both the anime and the platform, it’s almost certain that Disney+ will include a dubbed version of this season 2 of Tokyo Revengers Sooner than later.

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