Tokyo Revengers season 2 will be released by Disney+ internationally

Slowly Disney+ he is betting heavily on him anime, where it is incorporating several interesting titles on its platform. After acquiring the rights to the final arc of bleachnow the company of the mouse has scored the same with one of the series more tips that there are right now: Tokyo Revengers.

Through the official Disney Plus Japan Twitter account, the company confirms that has reached an agreement with Kodansha to distribute its products internationally, starting with season 2 of Tokyo Revengers.

Tokyo Revengers, the anime that is succeeding around the world

Based on the manga by Ken Wakui, the plot of Tokyo Revengers revolves around Takemichi Hanagakian unemployed 26-year-old who finds out that Hinata Tachibanahis ex-girlfriend from high school, and her brother, Naoto Tachibanaare killed by the gang of criminals known as tokyo manji.

Everything will change for Takemichi when he is pushed in front of a train and, For some reason, he ends up being teleported back 12 years, reliving his time as a delinquent in high school.. Just as he reveals to Naoto that Hinata is going to die, Takemichi returns to the present and an alternate timeline is created in which Naoto has survived and is now a detective.

Naoto deduces that every time they hold hands, Takemichi can travel back in time. In this way, Takemichi is taking knowledge of the past and present trying to climb positions in the tokyo manji to prevent Hinata from being killed and thus save the life of his ex-girlfriend.

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Although Disney+ will distribute Tokyo Revengers season 2 outside of Japan, It remains to be seen when we will have its episodes in Spain, since due to rights issues it could take longer than expected.

This is something that is currently happening to us with the final season of Bleach, which at the moment is unknown when it will land on Disney Plus Spain, while other countries are already enjoying its episodes.

For now it is known that Disney+ will incorporate season 2 of Tokyo Revengers into its catalog in January 2023. Will we have it in Spain also around those dates? We will have to wait to find out. Meanwhile, here we leave you these series which are available on Disney+ right now and are worth watching.