Tokyo Revengers: The 10 Best Anime Fights, Ranked

Tokyo Revengers is a very popular anime that tells the story of a boy named Takemichi who is able to go back in time and tries to prevent the people he cares about from dying. To succeed in his mission, he joined a gang called Toman.

Toman and his members fought in many battles throughout the anime, whether they all fought together or on their own. These are the best fights to come out of the series so far, and fans can’t wait to see more.

10 The Fierce Five Fought Kiyomasa’s Followers

When Kiyomasa’s followers attacked them, it seemed that Takemichi would not be able to get Draken to the hospital. However, Hinata had told Takemichi’s friends that she needed their help, and they arrived just in time to save them. Although they were beaten, they refused to lose and kept fighting. Eventually, everyone heard the police sirens and Kiyomasa’s followers fled, allowing Draken to recover in the hospital. With Draken saved, Takemichi thought he had accomplished his goal of changing the timeline and saving everyone he cared about.

9 Mikey and Draken got into a fight over Takemichi’s belongings1642936110 694 Tokyo Revengers The 10 Best Anime Fights Ranked.webp

Following Pah’s arrest, Mikey and Draken nearly broke up Toman due to how different their opinions were on the situation. Mikey wanted to save Pah, but Draken wanted to respect Pah’s decision to be voluntarily arrested.

When the two went to see Takemichi, they ended up using their mutual friend’s belongings to fight each other. Although it was more of a comedic fight than a serious one, especially since they reconciled after Takemichi made a fool of himself, it’s still one of the best in anime.

8 Takemichi challenged Kiyomasa to a match1642936111 788 Tokyo Revengers The 10 Best Anime Fights Ranked.webp

Early in the series, Takemichi and his friends were forced to join Kiyomasa’s fight club, which he secretly ran behind the backs of the Toman leaders. Knowing that he had to get stronger if he wanted to change the future, Takemichi confronted Kiyomasa and directly challenged him to a fight, which shocked everyone present, as Kiyomasa never participated in fights. Though he knew he would lose the match, Takemichi fought hard, refusing to give up, and caught Mikey’s eye. That day, Mikey put an end to Kiyomasa’s fight club and befriended the time traveler who reminded him of his brother.

7 Draken And Mikey Fought Hanma1642936111 331 Tokyo Revengers The 10 Best Anime Fights Ranked.webp

At Bloody Halloween, Hanma and Draken clashed. When Draken was able to stop worrying about the other Toman members, he attacked Hanma, who was easily knocked down. However, despite knowing how powerful his opponent was, Hanma kept fighting. The battle continued until Mikey called it off because he thought Kazutora had killed Baji. Hanma wanted to continue fighting, but Mikey knocked him out and Valhalla retreated.

6 Osanai Fought Pah And Mikey1642936111 433 Tokyo Revengers The 10 Best Anime Fights Ranked.webp

Before August 3, Draken, Mikey, Pah, and Peh met to discuss their conflict with Moebius. Takemichi joined them and tried to talk Toman out of fighting Moebius, but all but Draken refused to listen. Moebius surrounded them soon after, and Osanai fought Pah. Although Pah was beaten, Mikey refused to let him lose and attacked Osanai himself, showing how strong he was to Moebius. After Mikey finished beating him, Pah stabbed Osanai, for which he was arrested.

5 Baji Confronted Some Toman Members1642936111 30 Tokyo Revengers The 10 Best Anime Fights Ranked.webp

After Kisaki defended Mikey, Baji came up behind him and hit him with a pipe. Kisaki ordered some of the Toman members to attack Baji. Chifuyu tried to stop Baji from fighting Toman, but his old friend punched him and didn’t dare fight back. Instead, Kazutora betrayed Baji, stabbing him. Baji pretended he was fine at first, and fought off 50 members of Toman’s Third Division while trying to get back to Kisaki. However, when he finally did, he collapsed, unable to continue fighting due to Kazutora’s attack.

4 Takemichi and Kiyomasa fought again1642936111 304 Tokyo Revengers The 10 Best Anime Fights Ranked.webp

After Kiyomasa stabbed Draken, Takemichi attempted to help his friend get to the hospital. However, on the way, they encountered Kiyomasa again, and Takemichi challenged him to a second fight.

Draken, Hinata, and Emma bet money that Takemichi would win, believing their friend, but were shocked when Kiyomasa pulled out a knife and stabbed Takemichi’s hand. Fortunately, Takemichi refused to back down. He bit and strangled Kiyomasa, knocking him unconscious and winning the fight.

3 Mikey and Kazutora finally clashed1642936112 425 Tokyo Revengers The 10 Best Anime Fights Ranked.webp

Since Kazutora accidentally killed Mikey’s brother and went to reform school, he planned to kill Mikey as well. During Bloody Halloween, they finally fought. However, Kazutora did not fight Mikey by himself, instead he used some of his followers to attack him. He also lured Mikey into a pile of old cars so he couldn’t kick them, which was how he used to fight. While Mikey was fighting the others, Kazutora hit him with a pipe. Although it seemed that he had lost, Mikey got up right away. Kazutora continued to hit Mikey with the pipe as his followers clung to him, but that only made Mikey angrier. He fought Kazutora and the other members of Valhalla, but was too exhausted to move afterwards.

2 Toman Fought Moebius On August 31642936112 938 Tokyo Revengers The 10 Best Anime Fights Ranked.webp

Although Draken, Takashi, and Takemichi were alone when they encountered Moebius on August 3, they were soon joined by Mikey and the rest of Toman. The two gangs fought each other heavily as Takemichi tried to keep Draken, hoping to protect him. Unfortunately, Kiyomasa got to him first and stabbed him. In the middle of the fight, Mikey confronted Peh and convinced him to go back to Toman while the Moebius members tried to attack him.

1 Toman and Valhalla clashed on bloody Halloween1642936112 378 Tokyo Revengers The 10 Best Anime Fights Ranked.webp

In the Bloody Halloween, Toman and Valhalla faced each other at last. Many people from other gangs had watched them, and although they had originally planned to have an arbiter who would give them the option of choosing five people from each gang to fight each other, Valhalla intended to kill their enemies. At the beginning of the battle, Takemichi was afraid to fight, but Takashi and Chifuyu inspired him not to back down. Later, Toman was about to give up due to how powerful Valhalla was, but Takemichi inspired them all not to give up, and Toman ended up winning.