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Tokyo Revengers It has jumped into the public eye since the arrival in the West of its anime adaptation. This franchise of Ken Wakui tells us the story of Takemichi Hanagaki, an ex-gang member who seeks to save his ex-girlfriend and friends using his ability to travel through time.

However, his success has not stopped the wave of criticism and controversy against him, due to the use of the manji. This Buddhist religious symbol can be mistaken for the Nazi swastika, which is why it has been censored in the anime of Tokyo Revengers. Now, the controversy returns around his clothing line and whether or not he should have that symbol.

Through the online store Aliexpress, a clothing line of Tokyo Revengers. The account of Twitter, BAKU shared some of the photos where the manji could be clearly seen.

However, other accounts responded that: ‘It was disrespectful to those people who died in the War’. Well, people on social networks had confused this symbol with the swastika of the Nazi Germany.

tokyo revengers ropa aliexpress

Precisely, one of the reasons why Tokyo Revengers has censored in its anime adaptation this important symbol for Buddhism is to avoid this type of confusion. So, it will probably stay that way during the second season of this series.

When does the second season of Tokyo Revengers arrive?

There is still no release date for the second season of the anime. But, his last scene has already left his fans uneasy. After our protagonist has managed to become an official member of the Tokyo Manji Gang, the gang that had started all the trouble. On Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi Hanagaki decides to return to the present.

He was sure that he would have finally managed to save the lives of his loved ones and was on his way to becoming the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Unfortunately, he comes to a present where he is now part of the mob and has become close to Tetta Kisaki, your sworn enemy in Tokyo Revengers.

tokyo revengers ropa aliexpress

Tetta Kisaki he had threatened his partner Chifuyu Matsuno and him to some chairs. According to what he mentions, he admired Takemichi Hanagaki and felt great sorrow for the betrayal he had done against the Tokyo Manji Gang. Finally, he takes aim at it and a shot sounds. This is the point where we left Tokyo Revengers which, according to his fans, has been a very climatic point.

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