“Tokyo Revengers”: the second season of the anime can be seen on Star+

The animated series is based on the Japanese manga by Ken Wakui. (Star+)

This year, Tokyo Revengers will return with its second season and the new episodes can be seen in Latin America through Star+. The Japanese animation series officially debuted in 2021, its first installment consisted of 24 chapters. The story follows Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old boy who discovers that he has an ability that will help him save the lives of his friends: changing the future by traveling to the past.

Takemichi is left traumatized after his younger brother, Naoto, and his teenage ex-girlfriend, Hinata, are murdered by the Tokyo Manji, a criminal gang. After that tragic event, he is pushed onto the train tracks, but he does not die, instead he is transported back in time. Exactly, he is in a context 12 years before his present, in the year 2005, so he is still in high school.

The second season of "Tokyo Revengers" It will start airing this month. (Star+)
The second season of “Tokyo Revengers” will begin airing this month. (Star+)

He tells the truth to his brother, however, he is immediately returned to his time and a time paradox is created. Naoto has become a detective and realizes that Takemichi’s power is activated when they hold hands. This is how the character devises a plan to prevent the death of Hinata and her friends.

Ken Wakui is the creator of the original manga on which the popular anime is based and which was serialized in the weekly shōnen shōnen. Not only did he stand out from other publications because of his action and comedy, but also because he touched on topics such as depression and frustration, because the protagonist is constantly exposed to the death of those around him; even bordering on despair for not being able to fulfill his noble mission.

The first part of the anime consisted of 24 chapters. (Star+)
The first part of the anime consisted of 24 chapters. (Star+)

The first episode of the second season will be released on January 7 on the service of Star+This was announced after its arrival at Disney + in European countries was confirmed. It is hoped that the sequel can cover the conflict between the Toman and Black Dragon gangs.

The adaptation of Tokyo Revengers The anime had a successful debut less than two years ago, and its first part premiered in April 2021 on the Crunchyroll platform. Later that year, a live-action film directed by Tsutomu Hanabusa hit theaters in Japan, although its acceptance by the public was not as welcome as that of the animated production.

"Tokyo Revengers" is an action/comedy/sci-fi/romance/psychological thriller. (Star+)
“Tokyo Revengers” is an action-comedy-sci-fi-romance-psychological-thriller story. (Star+)

The animation studio Liden Films was in charge of both the first and second seasons of the fiction, therefore, it is expected that the latter will also have 24 episodes with the aim of adapting more than one plot that follows in the manga (“ The Christmas Arc”, “The Black Dragon Arc”, etc).

The new of Tokyo Revengers will arrive on January 7 in the catalog of Star+.

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