Tokyo Revengers: This Draken and Mikey cosplay makes you want season 2 to premiere

tokyo avengers“, or what is the same, more Draken and more Mikey. Yes, Takemichi will be the protagonist of the story, but certainly those two have been the ones who have left the biggest mark on anime fans (and rightly so). Now we know that the anticipated season 2 will premiere throughout the month of January 2023, so the hype machine can go into overdrive without fear. And that’s the thing actually.

Draken and Mikey (Tokyo Revengers) already have another great cosplay waiting for their anime

I think there is no better proof of the current desire for the “Tokyo Revengers” anime to return than this cosplay double soratocosplay_official Y rizel_cosplay:

I’m not going to say otherwise: cosplay is really cool, and both manage to find recreations of Draken and Mikey to match. To all this, I should clarify that this is just one of several posts that cosplayers have left in recent days. For this reason, I will tell you that if you really like it and want to see more of what they have achieved, you should go through the Instagram of soratocosplay_official (and I wouldn’t rule out sharing even more photos in the future).

As a final reminder, I will say that aside from when “Tokyo Revengers” anime season 2 premieres, It was also confirmed who would be the new actor in charge of voicing Draken (I remember that the previous one was ‘released’ from the role due to a scandal in his personal life). You can find all the information available in the following article:

Synopsis for Tokyo Avengers

Takemichi Hanagaki’s life is at its worst. Just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, he discovers that Hinata Tachibana, his ex-girlfriend, has been murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang: a group of fearsome criminals who have been threatening the peace of society for some time.

Hanagaki begins to wonder when things went wrong, until she suddenly travels back in time 12 years ago – when she was still in a relationship with Tachibana. Hanagaki realizes that he now has an opportunity to save her, and to do so he infiltrates the Tokyo Manji Gang, with the aim of climbing positions in her ranks and managing to change the future to save Tachibana from the tragic outcome. her.