Tokyo Revengers: This Draken Cosplay Shows He Can Also Be A Romantic

tokyo avengers will be back soon, and this draken cosplay it aims to remind us why he is the supreme anime husbando, even above Mikey himself.

The Spanish cosplayer, nagi kurosedecided that the announcement of the second season marked the perfect moment to become one of the leaders of the Tokyo ManjiAnd he did it spectacularly.

As you can see, this Tokyo Revengers Draken cosplay manages to convey the same vibe and even a romantic side that we have rarely seen in the character.

Tokyo Avengers Draken Cosplay
Don’t let her strong personality fool you. inside is sweet. Image: Nagi Kurose.

this photo shoot required the help of cosplayer Katou Cosplaywho gives life to emma to show us an otherwise romantic moment.

nagi kurose He wears the characteristic shirt of his gang, and as you may have noticed, he modified his haircut to copy Draken’s unique style.

Of course tattoos couldn’t be left out, so he added the stylized dragon to one side of his head.

Draken motorcycle cosplay by NAgi Kurose
Of course there had to be a motorcycle. Image: Nagi Kurose.

In another photograph, he decided to give him a change of look to look more casual, so he put on the black and white haori with which we see the gang member in some episodes.

obviously had to show up a gangster motorcycle that ends up giving the final touch to the composition.

This Draken cosplay commands respect

Incredible as it may seem, there are still people who believe that cosplayers cannot assume the identity of male characters, but on more than one occasion this has been denied.

nagi kurose He manages to command the same respect as the character with his Draken cosplay, and we can even say that he looks better than many other interpretations we’ve seen.

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