Tokyo Revengers: This is the number of episodes of season 2 of the anime

Tokyo Revengers“It is one of the animes that is preparing its return for January 2023 and the truth is that we already have all the details that we could wish for of what will be known as ‘Christmas Showdown’, but… is it really like that? Because yes , we know when season 2 of the anime is released and also where, although what might not be so clear was the for how long. Well, thanks to a leak it seems that there is no longer any doubt about it.

The Tokyo Revengers anime sees the number of episodes for its season 2 leaked

Then I leave you with the tweet by @bgette0 that this is how he shared the information a few hours ago:

Ok, and now let’s quickly review the most important things about the return of “Tokyo Revengers”:

  • As you can see, the second season of Tokyo Revengers will feature a total of 13 episodes. 😄
  • This information is not official yet, it is a leak, but there is a good chance that it will be fulfilled (if not to say a lot). With this in mind, the anime would remain on broadcast until the spring season or, what is the same, the month of April. 👍
  • When does the second season of the Tokyo Revengers anime start? Well, from January 7, 2023. 🤙
  • Where can the anime be seen? Well here’s the really bad news: Disney+ has taken it away from Crunchyroll. In Spain it has not yet been said if we will be able to see it in simulcast, and seeing the history of the platform, of course, it is not the thing to have hope. 🤮

Despite the fact that it will certainly not be easy to see season 2 of “Tokyo Revengers” from Spain (at least if things with Disney+ continue as they have up to now), Obviously the anime has to be among my recommendations for when the broadcast starts from January 2023. If you want to see what other suggestions I have for you in the next 3-4 months, I recommend you take a look at the article I have shared.