‘Tokyo Revengers’ to reformulate Draken after alleged controversy involving Tatsuhisa Suzuki and singer-songwriter LiSA – Home

Tokyo avengers returns for its Christmas Showdown Arc, but the popular anime will see a change in its voice cast during its next chapter. Draken has become one of Tokyo avengers‘fan favorite characters, but Tatsuhisa Suzuki will not express it in the future. This development comes after reports of a controversy involving Japanese singer LiSA, who is well known for her work on Murderer of demons.

‘Tokyo Revengers’ is revamping Draken

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Ken Ryuguji, or Draken, is one of the founders of the Tokyo Manji Gang and despite his tough-guy demeanor, he has quickly become one of the fan favorite Tokyo avengers characters. And it doesn’t take long to figure out why.