Tokyo Revengers to replace Draken voice actor by 2022

Due to a few problems with the current voice actor outside of the Tokyo Revengers series, it appears that Draken will have another voice by 2022.

The times They are happening and many times the things that we liked are undergoing changes that we did not expect. One of the things that tends to give the most anger when you are watching a series or a movie saga is that change the actor who is in charge of giving life to a character more or less remarkable. If this happens you can do two things: pretend nothing is wrong or not enjoy the product in the same way. With the dubbing, sometimes, it happens the same, since we are used to specific voices and seeing other similar but not the same make us wonder.

When we talk about dubbing, in our country we have some impressive subject matter professionals and that makes any change produce something out of tune, but in the end we get used to it. Today we do not come to treat the dubbing into Castilian but the dubbing of an anime, more specifically from Tokyo Revengers. The work created by Ken Wakui already had its first season premiere on Crunchyroll and it was a great reception from the fans. However, it seems that one of his voice actors will not follow for next year.

Tokyo Revengers try to tell us the story of Takemichi Hanagaki, a young man of about 27 years who begins to suffer temporary leaps into the past, where he will be able to make changes that affect his present. This will help the young person to correct some of the mistakes that he made and that made you unhappy today, but you will see that not always a small change is enough and you will be involved in the world of Tokyo street gangs. Basically this is a small summary, but if you want to know any more details I recommend that you see our review, where I investigate a little more in some aspects.

Be that as it may, this series mixes two very attractive elements for the public such as It’s time travel and Tokyo’s teenage gangs. In this way, and with very good character development, Ken Wakui manages to show us a cast of protagonists of the most diverse, besides that interesting. Today we have to focus on Draken, the young man with the long ponytail, hair shaved on the sides and a dragon tattooed on one side of the skull, since his voice actor from the first season he will never lend his voice to you again.

Tokyo Revengers - Dragons

Although at first he looked like a merely minor character or a little more aside, Draken is gaining much importance in the series and has managed to win a large number of fans. Your voice actor, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, has decided to take a break due to a series of problems that he has had with respect to his personal life.

The voice actor and singer has been decided to take a hiatus after the accusations he has suffered for having had an extramarital affair with a 20-year-old girl. His wife, who also works for various anime, has not stopped her current job, while Suzuki has put aside everything related to series, not just the case of Tokyo Revengers.

Tokyo Revengers - Dragons

There will be wait to find out who will replace Suzuki, since the name is not yet known. However, they will surely try to find an actor of the most similar and We do not rule out that after the singer’s retirement, and his recovery, may not be able to repeat some of these roles. Meanwhile we are reading the manga that Norma Editorial brings us to our country or we take a look at the first season, which is already on Crunchyroll. What do you think of the series?