Tokyo Revengers: Tokyo Ghoul Author Pays Tribute To Mikey And Draken – Nintendo Universe

Sui Ishida, creator of Tokyo Ghoul, created two Tokyo Revengers designs, inspired by the characters of Mikey and Draken from the series.

Although most of the mangaka they tend to devote attention to their own works, from time to time they undertake the task of expressing their admiration for those of their colleagues. Sometimes only in the form of comments, and at other times, even drawing the characters of another manga, but with his style. That is what I share with you now, a couple of tributes from Sui Ishida, creator of Tokyo Ghoul, toward Tokyo Revengers, the series of Ken Wakui.

What Ishida did was take up two of the characters from Tokyo Revengers, which are Manjirou ‘Mikey’ Sano Y Ken’Draken’ Ryuuguuji. As you can see in the images in Instagram accompanying this note, this mangaka he drew them with his very particular style. This time in color and in the way it decorated the covers of the manga of Tokyo Ghoul. It is undoubtedly an outstanding work on the part of this author and has been very well received.

Sui Ishida revealed through these designs which of the two members of the Tokyo Manji Gang is your favorite. In a comment he noted about Dragons “He is so cool. I love”. While this mangaka has other designs in Instagram, these two are the first he does in honor of the work of Wakui. It is certainly interesting to see how another creative can apply their vision to the characters of a colleague. It is something that has happened on more than one occasion.

For example when Kohei Horikoshi, creator of Boku no Hero Academia, did a couple of tributes One Piece, the series of Eiichiro Oda. On that occasion he drew both Roronoa Zoro like Shirahoshi, and it was curious to see how his drawings had certain references to his own characters. Currently, the manga of Tokyo Ghoul already finished. Ishida recently started working on a new story called Choujin X, available in Manga More.

Tokyo Revengers: Go ahead and ask its creator what you want!

What concerns to Ken Wakui, is already working on the final arc of Tokyo Revengers. Despite the fact that the anime has its series at the peak of its popularity, that does not prevent the denouement from being closer and closer. It seems that the history of Kimetsu no Yaiba, where despite the evident success of its animated adaptation, its author, Koyoharu Gotōge, finished it and did not turn back. At the end of the day, everyone decides how everything ends.

In addition to posting on Instagram his designs, the creator of Tokyo Ghoul He also does it through his account at Twitter. Precisely that of Dragons shared it there.