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Ken Wakui, creator of Tokyo Revengers, revealed a long time ago what he thinks of the anime of his work, and incidentally, of the opening theme, Cry Baby.

According to plan, the anime of Tokyo Revengers it will continue its broadcast throughout the summer. It is not yet known if there will be a new season, but after the success achieved by this animated adaptation of LIDEN FILMS, it looks quite likely.

According to data from previous months, animation has tremendously boosted the popularity of printed work. To such a degree, that now it goes from 30 million copies.

In view of how well things are, it does not hurt to know the opinion of Ken Wakui, the creator of the adventures of Takemichi Hanagaki, about this anime. Hence shared For a long time, he seems very satisfied with how things have turned out.

He commented that in a double interview in Kodansha, in which the pop music band also participated Hige official Dandism. The latter is the one that interprets the theme Cry Baby, accompanying the opening.

According to Wakui, “I have been participating in this project since the writing stage of the script began, and I have almost nothing to say”. Luckily, he didn’t end there, but continued speaking.

“On the contrary, they have gradually added to the missing parts of my work, and I am very satisfied”he declared. So this mangaka think that the anime has contributed to the work you are doing with the manga of Tokyo Revengers.

Ken Wakui commented also “When the images were added to the script and it was turned into an anime, this was really cool and interesting.”. He continued with “I really hope the fans can share this feeling with me”. Topped with “I’m looking forward to seeing it in the world”.

In another interview published in Kodansha it was that he let see Your opinion about the subject of opening. Apparently he really liked the work of this group.

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“I was so surprised! I really like the band so I thought ‘Could it be a lie or are they cheating on me?’ (laughs). And the song is really great! “ confessed the creator of Tokyo Revengers.

To the above, he added “I was glad to hear that the lyrics were in line with the content of the work”. Topped with “I feel like Higedan’s songs have a completely different meaning of the word than others. It’s unique, but sticky “.

Higedan is how it is known in abbreviated form to Hige official Dandism. It seems that Wakui he is more than satisfied with the work done so far. Thanks to @TomanCommunity for the interview notice.