Tokyo Revengers: where to see the second season?

it became one of the favorite anime series upon its premiere in April 2021 and has gained a huge fan base, who have been eagerly awaiting the second season.

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The adaptation of the manga written and illustrated by Ken Wakui is produced by Liden Films and it recently premiered its second season, with an episode already available that begins to answer some plot questions.

Its central premise revolves around Takemichi Hanagakia 26-year-old with no great goals in his life, who discovers that his ex-girlfriend from adolescence, Hinata, and her brother Naoto, were killed by the Tokyo Manji.

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The second season of Tokyo Revengers It premiered on Saturday, January 7 with a first episode. It is expected that this time it will be a shorter installment, since it covers the Christmas Showdown Arc, which has about 45 chapters in the manga, according .

The synopsis of the first episode of the second season relates that takemichi it is damaged in this timeline. There is evidence that in this timeline he ordered Hinata’s assassination. After understanding the story, Takemichi goes back in time to make changes.

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Currently the broadcast of the second season of Tokyo Revengers can be seen at Star+ if you are in Latin America and Disney+ in Spain, which is great news for fans, as the episodes will be available at the same time as their release in Japan, being the first simulcast of the named streams.