Tokyo Revengers: Where you can watch all the anime

Find out where you can watch the full Tokyo Revengers anime.

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the anime of Tokyo Revengers was a real bombshell from the premiere of its first episode. All the otakus heard about it, social networks were flooded with content from the work, and physical copies of the manga flew off the shelves in all bookstores.

Now, a year and a half after the airing of season 1 of the anime adaptation, we are a few days away from seeing new animated content in the second season of the series. Remember that, in Spain, the original manga, the work of Ken Waku, is being published by Editorial Standard.

For this reason, whether you have not seen Tokyo Revengers at all or want to refresh your mind by seeing it again, we will tell you, below, where can you watch the full anime right nowboth its first and its second season.

Where to watch the entire Tokyo Revengers anime?

tokyo revengers season 1

The beginning of this animated adaptation was what, as we have mentioned before, gave the work an inordinate popularity. It consists of 24 episodes, which adapt the first 73 chapters of the original work, and which are divided into the ‘Arc of Toman’, the ‘Arc of Moebius’ and the ‘Arc of Valhalla’. The latter has not yet concluded, but will do so in episode 1 of the following season.

The adaptation by LIDENFILMS was enormously faithful to the manga. Nevertheless, the quality of the technical aspects was not the best, especially in terms of animation. Although, this is something quite normal considering that the manga, before the premiere of the anime, had a moderate popularity. And, due to this, most likely, the producers did not give the studio too high a budget to do the series.

Regarding where to see the first season of the Tokyo Revengers anime, at the moment, in Spain there is only one option. Crunchyroll was the platform that obtained the license for the series and broadcast the first season in simulcast, premiering the episodes in VOSE weekly. Subsequently, the platform carried out both a Spanish dubbing like Latin Spanish.

tokyo revengers season 2

This second batch of episodes opens very soonhow do we tell you here. And, as we have mentioned before, we know that episode 25, that is, the first of this new batch of episodes, will give a resolution to the great cliffhanger with which the previous season ended and, in addition, it will close the ‘Arc of Valhalla’. The rest of the season is expected to adapt the ‘Black Dragon Arc‘. As for the total duration, we tell you in this article.

The official title of this new season is ‘Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown‘. This, together with the different information revealed, indicates that the central battle of the season will happen on Christmas. This will most likely be something similar to bloody halloween from the previous batch of episodes. In terms of quality, although many fans expected it to take a huge leap considering the revenue the first season has generated, it seems that LIDENFILMS has remained in the same line than the episodes seen so far.

Upon where to watch the second season of tokyo revengers animewe already know on which platform it will be available for some time, despite not having been released yet. This new season will be on Disney+something that has produced a general discontent among the fandom of the series, since this platform does not usually offer the animes in their catalog despite having the license. Nevertheless, the new season of Tokyo Revengers will be the exception, and we hope that it sets a precedent, since it will be broadcast in simulcast.

And you, dear reader, Do you want to see the second season of Tokyo Revengers? What did you think of the first season of the anime? Tell us through social networks, where we remind you that you can follow us to find out the latest anime, science fiction and fantasy news.