Tokyo Revengers will continue with a new arc! – melty

By sydney

– Posted on 14 Nov 2022 at 14:42

The latest furyôs hype manga, Tokyo Revengers, will finally be entitled to a new arc, scheduled for next year!

It is one of the events of this month of November. Tokyo Revengers manga will finally end, with Chapter 278 releasing this week. A last delivery surrounded by several controversies, many fans considering the end of Ken Wakui’s work slightly disappointing. But if the ink should still flow for a long time on the epilogue of the adventures of Takemichi and the various protagonists of the Manjikai, the debates will soon be entitled to a new food. Indeed, while we thought Tokyo Revengers ended well, an announcement has just been made that a new arc of the series was going to be produced by Ken Wakui!

Indeed, the mangaka should produce a new arc, which would be revealed in November 2023 during a big event which will be organized in the district of Tokyo, Roppongi. No details were given, so it is not excluded that what has been called “arc” could be a new epilogue of the manga.

As explained in the tweet above, this new production will come in addition to the additional chapters “Tokyo Revengers Extra” whose publication in Weekly Shonen Jump will soon begin.

The question on everyone’s lips is obviously this: what is Ken Wakui’s project?

Tokyo Revengers, in the footsteps of GTO?

An interesting hypothesis would be that Ken Wakui tries to build a new work from the universe of Tokyo Revengers. An attempt that would not be surprising, since it is what has already been done by the best known of Furyô’s manga: GTO. We know that Toru Fujisawa’s flagship work has indeed not only had precedents – Young GTO – but also sequels, like GTO: Paradise Lost.

So, is Ken Wakui preparing new adventures for Takemichi? Will he return to the past, but to another time this time?

We’ll have to wait a year to find out!