Tokyo Revengers will open a temporary store to enjoy the summer in Japan

Summer is getting closer and the guys from the Tokyo Manji of tokyo avengers they are ready for war with water gunsas they will have a collaboration with Tower Records for the opening of a temporary store in five locations throughout Japan with products ideal for the summer.

Tower Records announced that it will have a collaboration with tokyo avengersandin which products will be sold about how the boys of one of the most famous gangs play with water pistolsso you can get ready for the summer along with one of the most popular stories created by ken wakui.

The Tower Records stores that will sell stuff from tokyo avengers They will be at Shibuya in Tokyo, Parco in Sendai, Kintetsu Pass’e in Nagoya, NU Chayamachi in Umeda and AMU Plaza Hakata in Hakata.

Source: Kondansha

Source: Kondansha

Among some of the products that can be found are metal buttons, key rings, postcards, card holders, desk figurines, pens, posters and more. As well as you will find characters like Takemichi Hanagaki, Mikey, Ken Ryuguji, Baji Keisuke, Chifuyu Matsuno and Takashi Mitsuya.

People who come to these stores and buy products or spend more than 2,000 thousand yen will receive a postcard from the random Toman guys as a gift.

These products of tokyo avengers They will be available both in physical and online Tower Records stores from June 3 to June 18. In the meantime, it will be a good gift so that the wait is not so long for your second seasonwhich is already in production.

The first season of tokyo avengers It aired in the month of April and ended in September 2021. What is your favorite character from this anime series?


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