Tokyo Revengers will open its first official attraction in an amusement park – Senpai

tokyo avengers was indisputably one of the most acclaimed anime series of 2021, which is why it has already become a true phenomenon in Japan and worldwide, but now the members of Tokyo Manji are about to level up in popularity with the opening of its first official attraction in an amusement park.

The first season of tokyo avengers competed among the most popular series of last year, alongside jujutsu kaisen, Attack on Titan: Final Season Part 1, Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train Arcamong other.

The first chapters of the Tokyo Manji Gang ended with a cliffhanger that left all the fans intrigued and wanting more. And luckily for all of us, we already know that a second season is on the way, but as the day of its premiere arrives, why not live the emotion of tokyo avengers with the first official attraction that you will have in the JOYPOLIS amusement park.

Photo: Twitter – @TokyoJoypolis

The image in question comes from the official JOYPOLIS park account who dresses Draken, Takemichi, Manjiro and other characters as maintenance people, alluding to the fact that this great collaboration is already being worked on.

There are still many details to be revealed regarding the attraction of tokyo avengers and everything that this inclusion to the park will have; however, it is already established that the collaboration will be for a limited time as it will start from next April 5 and will be available until July 3, 2022.

Unfortunately, you would have to go to Japan to be able to enjoy the first attraction of tokyo avengersbut at least the pleasure of knowing that this franchise continues to expand, nobody takes it away from us.

What do you think about that tokyo avengers open your first attraction in an amusement park?


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