Tokyo Revengers would prepare an important announcement this month

the anime series, tokyo avengers has made a name for itself over time, and is now considered one of Kodansha’s best, this series that has been around since early 2017, and was created by ken wakuiwho has had fans on edge on more than one occasion with his sci-fi twists, so now, a new report has leaked, which if correct, means Tokyo Revengers is gearing up for a major update. and it is just around the corner, as it would arrive this month.

The update comes from fan sites like Mogura Sleeveand reached social networks, then, if this update is correct, Tokyo Revengers will publish a special announcement next Wednesday, October 19, to which, curiously, the date aligns with the release of the next chapter of the manga, and the publication it is described as the climax of the final arc.

Which would clearly mean that Tokyo Revengers has great news in store for fans, because now that the second season of the anime is on the way and we already know that it will return next year, even the live action adaptation of the anime already has a sequel announced, so fans think this update has to do more directly with the manga.

That is, if this next chapter acts as some kind of climax, then the end date of Tokyo Revengers could be announced in a few days, now if you are not aware of this amazing anime and manga series, we share the official synopsis here. continuation: “Watching the news, Hanagaki Takemichi learns that his high school sweetheart, Tachibana Hinata, has died.”.

“A sudden push sends him back 12 years to face the Tokyo Manji gang that once made his life hell, which is also responsible for Hinata’s death in the! To save Hinata and change the future, Takemichi must reach the top of Kanto’s most sinister criminal gang! But things aren’t that simple when he befriends the gang’s leader, Mikey. What turned Mikey from a smug kid to the leader of Tokyo’s most infamous gang?.