Tokyo Revengers y Kimetsu no Yaiba son superados por Jujutsu Kaisen –Unierso Nintendo

Jujutsu Kaisen achieves the feat of being the best-selling manga of the year in Japan, beating Kimetsu no Yaiba and Tokyo Revengers.

As it happens every year Oricon shared his estimates of the best-selling manga, this time from 2021. One thing is clear and that is Jujutsu Kaisen surpassed Kimetsu no Yaiba and Tokyo Revengers in sales.

In the case of the adventures of Yuji Itadori They were sold 30,917,746 copies, while those of Tanjirou Kamado they stayed in 29,511,021. The battle between the works of Gege Akutami and Koyoharu Gotōge it was pretty closed.

Tokyo Revengers from Ken Wakui came in third place with 24,981,486, while Shingeki no Kyojin from Hajime Isayama in room with 7,332,398 and Boku no Hero Academia from Kohei Horikoshi in fifth with 7,020,361.

As on other occasions, the anime of each of these manga influenced their sales. In the case of Jujutsu KaisenAlthough it lost momentum when its animated adaptation ended, it was on the mend towards the end of this year.

What concerns to Kimetsu no Yaiba it was clear that at some point the momentum generated by his first film would end up wearing thin. But he still retained a lot of strength, since not only his manga continued to be sold, but also other of its derivatives.

Among them the light novels. As to Tokyo Revengers, because not only the anime had to do but also his movie with real actors. It became very popular.

I think the results obtained by the manga of Wakui they were highly deserving. If a second season of the animated adaptation premieres, it will surely perform well in the 2022 report.

Talking a little about the work of IsayamaI don’t think that even with the closing of the final season I can go back any further. Especially since the outcome of the story did not convince many fans. In respect of Boku no Hero AcademiaWell, there it takes her.

The sixth season of the anime, which I imagine will premiere in 2022, will give it strong support. What to say about One Piece, who was left out of the top five? Reached the 7,002,583, although at this point it is the best-selling manga of all time; has nothing to prove.

But I think the Wano Country Arc It has gotten too long and the slow pace of the anime is not helping it. Although safe to Shueisha none of that worries him.

Jujutsu Kaisen exceeds 60 million copies

Let’s see how the landscape changes when the anime of Chainsaw Man and SPY x FAMILY. These manga crept into the Top 10 selling by their own strength. Thanks to @WSJ_manga to collect the data.