TOMOS AND STAPLES Vol.8 Chapter # 8 – Extremity – Tomes and Staples

This week we can finally talk about a publication that has been slow to be available and that is one of the most attractive for the general public, it is Extremity, a Cyberpunk fantasy story by the powerful Daniel Warren Johnson. And in addition to analyzing this work, we bring you the latest advances and news such as the latest from Sorrentino and Lemire in Image, and news, which is not missing, we bring you things like the new Patrol X, Tokyo Revengers, The Losers or The New Avengers of Bendis. Thanks for being on the other side agents. We hear each other!

NEWS [00:07:36]
Bookstores day
Spider-Man will soon be much wilder
ECC News December 2021
The Bone Orchard is Lemire and Sorrentino’s Next Up

Spawn Kills Everyone
Green Lantern
Attack the titans
Steel Ball Run
Tokyo Revengers
Patrol x
The Untold Stories of X-Men
Sergio Aragonés Destroys DC
Sun-Ken Rock
The internet years
Blood and Black White Slaughter
The losers
The Avengers of Bendis
Livingston Contra Fumake
Fucking bastard
The Travels of Juan Sin Tierra
Superman in the morning
Young Justice saga
Wonder Woman by George Pérez
Snow, glass apples

Damn publication in our country but the third time is the charm and we can finally bring you Extremity, the first thing that came to us from Daniel Warren Johnson that sweeps sales. Extremity is a cyberpunk fantasy story, in which its protagonist evolves facing a long-standing cycle of revenge. An impossible budget blockbuster made comic by the hand of one of the most dynamic and attractive authors for any type of audience.

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