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2021 was a great year for animation and these form the Top 10 anime of Tierra Gamer

2021 is possibly the best year in the entire 21st century for the automotive industry. anime. Every season we had premieres that became practically instant classics, as well as several comebacks of franchises that are loved and recognized around the world.

Today, to honor this year and its end, here is the definitive list with the Top 10 of best anime of 2021 from EarthGamer.

10. Sk8 The Infinity

For many it was a real unknown the result of an anime that saw skateboarding as racing instead of a sport of figures and appreciation. However, we are here to say that it was a success.

The story of Reki and Langa is not only the first successful experiment of skateboarding in anime, but also a great drama that has had as many overtones and controversies as it can bear, from the focus of the work to the Latin American dubbing, which included language inclusive.

Sk8 The Infinity It is a fun, natural and close BL for many, but also for others it is a good opportunity to question the relationships between men and the love that is formed in camaraderie, friendship and companionship, fundamental pillars of art, sports and leisure. life.

Sk8 The Infinity, a skateboard anime and lots of love | Source: Bones

9. Star Wars: Visions

The first experience of Star Wars in the anime it was from the hand of Disney and all the power of his portfolio, which landed him deals with several of Japan’s largest and most ambitious anime studios, ranging from Science Saru until Trigger Y Production IG.

Fortunately for the Disney portfolio itself, Japanese pragmatism and Star Wars’ evident relationship with Asian literature and cinema resulted in a series of shorts that better interpret the story. George Lucas universe what he did at the time JJ Abrams with his new trilogy.

A sad fact for Hollywood cinema, but a very happy one for the otaku community that also enjoys space odysseys.

star wars, anime, visions
Star Wars Visions is Disney’s premiere in anime | Source: Disney

8. Tokyo Revengers

It started with not much brightness but little by little it became the most successful shonen of 2021; sales of his manga skyrocketed and he immediately acquired a cult aura among the international community.

This strange story in the middle of time travel in the style Boku dake ga inai machi and gangs like Tokyo TribeIt was what ended up hooking us again to a melodramatic and exciting story; a science fiction novel and city guerrillas.

Undoubtedly, Tokyo Revengers It has a bright future as a title, so we’ll see how they manage to adapt the manga’s next arcs, which promise more of that perfectly narrated drama.

Tokyo Revengers manga will be in Spanish
Tokyo Revengers was the big reveal of 2021 | Source: Liden Films

7. JuJutsu Kaisen

Speaking of shonens, what it does MAP with his adaptations is simply great and what he accomplished with JuJutsu Kaisen it’s pure gold for content development for this consumer demographic.

El manga de Gege Akutami He took all the fighting genre tropes and cliches and stereotypes that fill young men’s manga and deconstructed them to their finest expression. In that sense, JuJutsu Kaisen y Yuji Itadori They don’t invent absolutely anything, they just do everything perfectly.

On the other hand, MAPPA’s anime adaptation recreated Akutami’s raw, strong and dirty strokes style with powerful animation that blends into traditional animation sequences with some bits of CGI that not only give it a bombastic look, but who know how to show the author’s vision both in his narrative and in its visual form. Peak shonen.

6th bar. op. Destiny

Although this franchise had everything to be one more filler, like Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru or other franchises derived from commercial intentions of some companies (in this case BANDAI NAMCO), the MAPPA work team once again managed to extract gold from something that was already good.

This anime takes us through a dystopian world in which humanity lost its most primitive and deeply rooted art: music; so we see a world plunged into happy ignorance in the face of an unsuspecting but always known fear.

At the same time, this kind of road movie and criticism of mechanism in art is also one of the animated pieces that best treats their character designs and has the best fight sequences.

Without a doubt, it is a win-win for everyone. For its owners: a successful adaptation to sell video games; for its creators: a product that knows how to sell itself inside and out; and for its audience: an audiovisual joy and a great reflection on what we call art.

tact on destiny anime
Waifus, music and fights, what more do you want? | Source: MAPPA

5. Osama Ranking

The best boy of 2021 can be none other than Prince Bojji and with good reason. Osama Ranking is surely the anime that took the most risk to adapt its work this year, because… well, you better go see the original material by yourself.

But other than that, what we have in hand with this, unlike many other animes, is a fairly clear idea in a story that reminds us a lot of the state of the industry in the 70s, when what we had most were adaptations of medieval European literary works.

Here we take that stylistic and narrative basis, to be able to tell the story of Bojji, the little crown prince of King Bosse, who by a curse lost his giant powers and, at the same time, was born deaf and mute.

This hard reflection on empowerment and discrimination against disabled people gets into a traditional odyssey in which we see the hero leave home to return victorious to bring peace to his kingdom.

1640365077 69 Top 10 The best anime of 2021 EarthGamer
Prince Bojji, ruler of our hearts | Source: Witt Studio

4. Vivy: Flourite Eye’s Song

I may be wrong, but it is clear to me that someone within the creation of Vivy: Florite Eye’s Song, original anime by Wit Studio, read exhaustively the Postulates about the uniqueness of the technology of the Chinese philosopher Yuk Hui.

Sci-fi anime is quite a lot and most try to explain human dilemmas, past or present, with a vision of the future. However, what we have here is a practical review and analysis of that same idea, in a world where AIs are visually confused with humans, but they are still machines.

Vivy is now in charge of reversing the awakening of the singularity, rendering humanity obsolete.. This anime proposes a philosophical analysis of both identity and humanity, not only from the point of view as ‘creators’ but also as mechanical entities arising from evolutionary processes and then from social processes.

vivy flourite eyes song
Vivy and her 100-year adventure to save the world… or save herself | Source: Wit Studio

3. Wonder Egg Priority

It is difficult to try to explain this title. Anime that don’t hook audiences with their endings often fall into limbo of despair until, many years later, they are accepted and understood. It happened to Evangelion, Also to Shingeki no Kyojin and, without a doubt, Wonder Egg Priority is another on that list.

The analysis that he proposes on a topic as critical and sensitive as suicide in young women is risky, especially because it is done from the perspective of the survivors; from the eyes of those who are on the same hill, looking into the dark and eternal abyss that stretches before them.

At the same time, it is a great approach to see the magical girls, a genre and style in anime that has been as controversial as it has been liked for so many years. Here, our magical girls face a world of terrors with colors that are not diluted or resolved with the power of friendship, but are blades that pierce them the more intense they are.

2. Sonny Boy

The ideas of existentialism persist and the absurdity that clings to us weighs like the Sisyphus stone. Sonny Boy, another original anime, coming from the genius of Shingo Natsume, responsible for the direction of One Punch Man and the animation of Space Dandy, is a practical test of this school of thought.

This anime offers us a severe and strong reflection of human existence in one of the most complicated and heaviest periods defined by modern life: youth. This, which extends as a period of time in which one does not “is”, also ends up being the turning point in the life of almost anyone.

Here, in a world where time stands still and identities unfold in the form of powers, we will be able to see who and how life is debated in an absurd reality that lacks meaning, because it has lost all significance that we have given to our world. mechanistic human.

sonny boy anime
Sonny Boy, the anime to start with if you don’t know anything about existentialism | Source: Madhouse

1. Odd Taxi

Crime novels are not what they used to be. And I do not mean this as a negative: Odd Taxi It is a story of policemen, thieves, detectives and crimes of always … but for holes. Or at least that is what one thinks when one begins to see the anthropomorphic world of Odokawa (yes, his name seeks to be the close pronunciation of “odd car” in katakana), a taxi driver who makes a living passing through the city of night.

Odokawa, as the city’s symbol of memory, is involved in the development of a crime that only someone like him, a taxi driver, can solve, but at the same time a crime that will reveal all the dark areas that hide behind a city that shines 24 hours a day under neon signs and commercials that its protagonists will never be able to see.

Odd Taxi Not only is it the highest representation of a master’s degree in screenwriting in the last 10 years; is also an astonishing amalgamation between the colluded mystery genre with a very similar directing style to that of Quentin Tarantino (although without honor to other creators every five seconds) or the Cohen brothers.

odd taxi anime 2021
Odd Taxi, the black novel of furros that you did not know you needed | Source: PICS

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