Trailer for The Invisible Girl, the disturbing Spanish series that comes to Disney+ in February

Beyond its large franchises such as Star Wars Y Marvelfor some time now Disney+ has decided to bet on other types of products to include in its catalog as part of its original content.

We have seen a good example of this with the series Japanese, where we have had such leading titles these days as Tokyo Revengerswhose second season has premiered exclusively on the platform.

Now, Disney+ brings us a preview of The Invisible Girl, a new and disturbing original Spanish series on the platform that promises to make people talk. You can take a look at the trailer through the video that we leave you below.

The murder of a teenager is the central axis of the new Disney + series


Trailer for The Invisible Girl, the disturbing Spanish series that comes to Disney+ in February

Directed by Norberto Lopez Amado (wounds, Castamar’s cook) Y Aritz Moreno (bitches, Advantages of traveling by train), the plot of The Invisible Girl places us in the picturesque fictitious town of Cárdena, set in Andalusia, where a father and daughter are involved in the investigation of a murdered teenager.

“The two are forced to put aside their differences and succumb to their strained relationship to solve a murder case rocking a supposedly peaceful town where everyone is a suspect”details the official synopsis of the series.

The cast of The Invisible Girl is made up of the actors Daniel Grao (The Criminal Readers Club, The house among the cactiThe inconvenient), zoe stein (manticoreAir kisses, Èxode, from the battle to the border), Rebeca Matellan (Privacy, The one that is coming) Y Pablo Gomez-Pando (The inocentsVelvet).

The cast is completed by Tamara Arias, Enara Prieto, Charo Urbano, Andrea Esparragoso, Javier Córdoba, Marta Vallés and Hugo Welzel.

With a total of eight episodes, The invisible girl will premiere in the Disney+ catalog on February 15, 2023being one of the most interesting series on the platform for those who want to park a little Marvel Y Star Wars. What do you think of its trailer?