We already know when the end of the Tokyo Revengers manga will be… and there is not much left

We have long known that the manga ending tokyo avengers it’s just around the corner, but over the past few days it’s become very real. We have known for several months that this arc is the last in the series. Now we know the exact day on which it will reach its term: on November 16, 2022.

That day the last episode of the manga of tokyo avengers. After this, we will finally know how it will all end and what will be the consequences of everything we have seen to date. And we don’t say what because we don’t want to do you spoilersbut those of you who keep the story up to date will know what we are referring to.

That said, we are saddened to give this kind of news, but we are also happy. We are among those who think that manga perhaps it has been longer than necessary and that, although we are sorry not to be able to continue reading it, it was his turn. Especially because it has been a series that has left us with great moments and very good characters.

The end of the manga tokyo avengers already has a date

We already know when the end of the Tokyo Revengers manga will be… and there is not much left

Although the series ended up exploding with the broadcast of its anime, Ken Wakui’s work has been doing his thing for years. So much so that, in reality, the end of the manga of tokyo avengers we were not surprised. There are those who say that the mangaka He wanted to end the story a long time ago, but could not due to editorial issues.

Now you can. She has reminded us, in fact, of the rumors about the end of bleach, since they said that the publisher “forced” Tite Kubo to lengthen his manga due to its success. The evil tongues say that this is what has also happened to tokyo avengersbut we don’t want to think this way.

Be that as it may, we have to say goodbye, because in less than a month we will have reached the conclusion of the series. Now we ask you: Are you sorry that it will end in such a short time or are you one of those who think that the plot needs to be closed to give it a decent ending?

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