What is Mikey’s darkness in Tokyo Avengers? Explained – Latest Gaming News, Guide & Tips

What is Mikey’s darkness in Tokyo Avengers?? It’s a question that has constantly stayed in the background for the duration of the series, with each arc hinting at his influence on Mikey growing with each passing moment. However, even after the big reveal of what it is, it may not be clear what or why it is, which is why we’re here to help clear things up with this guide.

Mikey’s darkness and what he does in Tokyo Avengers

In essence, Mikey’s Darkness in Tokyo Revengers is less of an innate evil side to him and more of a curse put on him by the original Time Leaper.

This is because Mikey’s brother Shinichiro killed the first Time Leaper to gain his power in the original timeline. This was done to save Mikey, so the Time Leaper made Mikey only able to live while he harbored all the resentment and hatred built up from being killed by Shinichiro.

This is the reason for Mikey’s violent tendencies throughout the series, such as slashing Haruchiyo’s face when they were younger or nearly killing Kazutora before Takemichi stepped in to stop him. He is also shown to get worse as he stays alive, even going so far as to shoot Takemichi in a near perfect timeline.

To that end, Mikey pushed his friends to keep them safe. He knew that they would be in danger if they stayed around him as he deteriorated, and he wished that they would live happy lives, even if it meant that he would be left alone to be corroded by the first Time Leaper’s curse.

Is there any way to stop Mikey’s dark impulses?

As for whether or not Mikey’s Darkness can be subdued in Tokyo Revengers, it’s still unclear.

At this point in the series, Takemichi believes that he can handle and eliminate it by using his time travel abilities. He has successfully entered into a climactic battle with Mikey and, through his ability to see a little into the future, he hopes he can survive an all-out attack from Mikey while his Darkness is in full control. His hope is that he dissipates completely after being in control of Mikey for long enough and that Mikey is free once he does.

However, with the fight still going on, it is unknown if this plan will work out in the end. As such, we’ll be keeping up with the climax of the series and updating this guide accordingly once a definitive conclusion has been reached.

Hopefully this cleared up what Mikey’s Darkness is in Tokyo Revengers. For more information on the series, check out any of the related articles below. We also have plenty of other anime content for you to peruse, including lists of the most OP anime characters, the best anime villains, and the best anime rivalries.

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