What makes Mikey so strong and feared in the Tokyo Avengers manga?

Mikeyor Manjiro Sano, is the Tokyo Revengers deuteragonist and, as of chapter 253, the strongest character in the series created by ken wakui. Mikey used to bear the nickname “Invincible Mikey” in high school, when he was the first generation president of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

The Truth News reminds you that Mikey was undefeated in battle and remains so in the current arc. However, his inhibitions have been lowered and he has become much more ruthless, as seen in the Arch of the Three Deities.

Many characters in Tokyo Avengers are physically strong. Even someone who is not relatively strong, like Takemichi, has several strong qualities of his own and can still surprise an opponent in battle. Amidst such a terrifying horde of fighters, Mikey is incomparably revered and feared. There are a few different reasons why:

The secret behind Mikey’s strength

Manjiro Sano Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Miker is an expert in Martial Arts

Mikey’s physical strength can be attributed to two sources: his formal training and his physical superiority. Mikey has been practicing Martial Arts since he was a child in his grandfather’s Dojo. He has been hailed as a natural wonder by both Baji and his grandfather. Due to his training, his already formidable natural stamina and reflexes were further honed.

Mikey is below average height, which some might consider his handicap. However, his small stature gives him speed and agility, two aspects Mikey is known for.

Formal training has developed core strength and balance in his body, the manifestation of which is the inhuman strength of his legs. Mikey has also trained his flexibility, allowing him to reach taller opponents with his kicks.

Mikey is known to prefer kicks to punches, and his signature move is a lightning-quick spinning kick to his opponent’s temple. This often knocks the opponent to the ground, as Mikey tends to put his weight, enhanced by his momentum, behind the kick. However, Mikey is also skilled with his punches and his light weight allows him to jump to a great vertical reach.

To reiterate, Mikey’s formal training, coupled with his light and agile body, strong core, and razor-sharp muscles, make him the strongest fighter in the Tokyo Revengers. However, while his strength was largely what made other gangs fear him during the high school era, the nature of that fear has changed following the Tenjiku Bow.

Manjiro Sano Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Mikey is extremely strong in Tokyo Revengers

Not only physically, Mikey is also very strong mentally in the opening chapters. More accurately, when readers first meet teenage Mikey, he has trained to become a pillar for everyone else and not showing what he considers weakness to others.

Of course, there were some exceptions to this; Draken being one and Takemichi being another. However, as the series progresses, it becomes clear that his mental strength, and to some extent his sanity, hangs in a precarious balance because he depends on other people’s survival.

These people included his childhood friend Baji, his late brother Shinichiro, his younger sister Emma, ​​his second-in-command Draken, and his younger Takemichi.

Why is Mikey feared in Tokyo Revengers?

Mikey has a propensity for the dark, a tendency to give in to your most violent impulses. As he got older, this turned into an urge to shut down completely once he was angry enough.

This was first shown properly in Tokyo Revengers after Baji’s death, and was emphasized by Draken’s admission that it is nearly impossible to communicate with Mikey while in this state.

This causes a change in the type of fear that Mikey invokes in other people. When Takemichi met Mikey in Tokyo Revengers, he was revered and feared in equal measure. due to his physical strength and his leadership skills.

As the series progresses, Mikey becomes more and more ruthless. This leads to Kantou Manji Arcwhere people are terrified not only by his strength, but also by his unpredictability and lack of mercy.

Who is the strongest character in Tokyo Avengers?

Manjiro Sano is without a doubt the strongest character in Tokyo Avengers. He is also the most feared character in the series and consequently one of the loneliest. Mikey’s strength once allowed him to dream of a new age of criminals and made others believe in this dream due to his faith in his strength.

As much debated as Takemichi’s effort to save Mikey is, one must remember that for Takemichi, “Mikey-kun” is still the person who kicked a man twice his size while promising to bring about a better tomorrow. It remains to be seen what Ken Wakui and Tokyo Avengers manga with Mikey from now on.

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