Where to read Tokyo Revengers 236 in Spanish?

So far, 236 chapters of Tokyo Revengers have been released, with many passionate fans. The audience loved the part where everyone said goodbye to Draken-Kun and now it was time to share the spoilers along with the site to read. Tokyo Revengers 236 in Spanish.

The story was created by Ken Wakui and became famous after adapting anime by the Liden Films studio, which also gave clarity on the launch of the Christmas Showdown Arc during 2022.

Previously in The Truth News We reported that Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 236 was delayed as the New Years festivities included a break from Kodansha magazine.

Spoilers de Tokyo Revengers 236

Hina and Takemichi are the main spoilers from chapter 236. When they both went up on the roof to watch the fireworks, Hina remembered the same fireworks at her house. So Takemichi has decided to save everything. But Mikey’s only at that job.

So to support everyone, he planned to help Mikey out of himself and his team, which always hurts him. When Takemichi decided to join the team, he met Chifuyu, who did not like him.

But when Takemichi shared his plan with them, he quit his job and joined Takemichi’s team and named them Thousand Winters, and the meaning is just his name.

New Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236 is available in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. On the other hand, people from all over the world can read the story on the official Kodansha website.

What happened in Tokyo Revengers chapter 235?

Tokyo Revengers Anime Linden Films

Imagen: Linden Films / Takemichi de Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi stayed at the hospital, Toman went there to meet him and thanked them for the help taking care of the Draken. They promised that they would help him to the end, and they even felt very bad for not being available with him, and they all came to know that Takemichi was the person who was very hurt.

So he decided to fight alone and asked everyone there, including Hina, to leave him alone. But Hina wasn’t ready to leave him alone. Instead, she hugged him tightly and told him to cry from her heart, and he cried.

Finally, we remember that you can read Tokyo Revengers 236 in Spanish from TvyManga, MangaTigre, among other unofficial sites. Linden Films anime is streamed from the platform Crunchyroll.

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