Where to watch Tokyo Revengers online: free and paid options

Tokyo Revengers is a manga written and illustrated by the author Ken Wakui, published in the Japanese magazine Shōnen Magazine since March 2017 and which is currently entering its final stretch, presenting an arc full of twists and surprises for all readers. This week it was announced that Editorial Standard will be in charge of distributing all the volumes of the manga in Spain and will arrive on November 12 in double volume format.

It is not until relatively soon that Tokyo Revengers has risen to fame, promoted by his animation series premiered on April 11 of this year and made by the animation studio Liden Films, known for bringing to the screen the series Blade of the Immortal. It is also not uncommon to see all the controversy that has formed in social networks around this series for having a very provocative element for the Western public, the Smaller.

There is currently only one season and is still in its broadcast, although for a short time, since this first season covers the first two arcs of the manga and is about to end. If you want to get into the most famous gang in all of Tokyo, today we will tell you from where you can enjoy the shonen of the moment, both free and paid.

Tokyo Revengers Synopsis

Our protagonist is Takemichi Hanagaki that he is at a point in his life totally stagnant and without knowing what will become of him. When his life can’t get worse, he discovers that his former high school sweetheart, Hinata Tachibana, has been killed by the gang Tokyo Manji Gang, a group of criminals that threatens the tranquility of the population.

Takemichi is shocked by this news, but must get on with his life. Until one day suddenly travel through time, more specifically to the past when he was a high school gang member.

Once he assimilates everything that is happening, he realizes that he has the opportunity to change the future, a future where I can save her and get her back. To do this, he decides to infiltrate the most dangerous gang, the Tokyo Manji Gang Together with the most fearsome gang members, your mission will be to climb positions until you gain total control. Will our crying hero save them all? Will he be able to find the perfect future where everyone ends up happy?

Free option


It is an American distribution, publishing and licensing company created in 2006 and currently one of the most popular anime platforms in the world, it has both the most current anime and its own series. We can enjoy almost all the Tokyo Revengers chapters of free way, but with ads and there may be some limitation depending on the number of chapters we see. Currently the series has 23 chapters, being freely available 22 of them, later will be all the chapters available.

Third party platforms

Illegal and dangerous at the same time, there are many third-party platforms to watch animated series. If you choose these options you should know the dangers and how they are going to bombard you with advertising that you may not be interested in seeing. Lastly, beware of viruses that can harm your devices.

Payment option


If you want to see the series in the best possible way, you will have to subscribe to this page. We can unlock the entire series catalog, say goodbye to the ads and break all the limitations that we will find without being subscribed. You can purchase the monthly subscription for 4,99 euros where we can enjoy our favorite series from a device, the premium subscription with a price of 6,49 euros, where we can connect up to 4 devices at the same time and viewed without having to be connected to the internet. And finally, the largest subscription Crunchyroll has at a price of 64.99 euros the whole year, which has a 12% discount on the monthly plan.

Is it available on Netflix?

Unfortunately no, it is only available in Netflix Japón and for now there is no news about it coming to our country.

Other of the great animation series that you will find in Crunchyroll are Naruto, Attack on Titan or Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, all of them series of enormous quality and essential to see, both for veterans in the world of manga and anime and for all those who want to start with Japanese animation series .