Who are the children of Alfredo Adame and what do they do

Alfredo Adame is a controversial Mexican interpreter who has participated in soap operas such as “Family portrait” and “In the name of love”. He has been married on several occasions and as a result of these relationships he had four children: Vanessa, Diego, Alejandro and Sebastián. However, due to his temperament, he has not had a good relationship with them.

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In 1992, he married actress Mary Paz Banquells, with whom he had his sons. His estrangement from them is public knowledge and the companions of the reality show in which he is currently participating, “”, they did not hesitate to bring it up. This caused the actor to break down in tears.

The television presenter said that he was very sorry for the situation, in addition to acknowledging that he had inappropriate attitudes. Finally, he offered to open a space for dialogue, with the aim of mending the relationship.

Diego, Sebastián and Alejandro, I love you, I love you very much, I hope that one day we can settle our differences. I offer to meet you somewhere, a hug, a kiss, without recriminations, absolutely nothing. […] If you are willing, I am willing for us to be father-sons again.”, he commented.

Below we tell you about all the actor’s children, what they do and what kind of relationship they have with their father.


She is the eldest daughter of Alfredo Adame, who is 42 years old. Her mother’s name is unknown and she seems to be the only one she has a good relationship with, although she wasn’t always like that.

At first they were estranged for a while, although they later fixed things. The 63-year-old actor even, at one point, mentioned that he and her grandchildren were her only family.

Their affinity may be due to the similarity of their character, because at the beginning of the pandemic, some of Vanessa’s neighbors accused her of organizing parties at her house and of being problematic.

Vanessa is the first daughter of the Mexican actor (Photo: Alfredo Adame / Instagram)
Vanessa is the first daughter of the Mexican actor (Photo: Alfredo Adame / Instagram)


He is the eldest son from his marriage to Mary Paz Banquells. He is 29 years old and has a degree in “Marketing”. Likewise, he is pursuing a master’s degree in “Business Management”, working in the Marketing area of ​​several companies.

He has also been a voice actor and has given voice to “Ran Haitani” from the popular anime “Tokyo Revengers”.


The second son of his marriage to the actress, is currently 27 years old. On his social media, he describes himself as an artist and shares several of his illustrations, mostly anime-style.


The youngest of all is 23 years old and is the one who has the most presence on their social networks. Similar to his brother Diego, he has worked as a voice actor for “Tokyo Revengers”, but playing the character of “Chifuyu Matsuno”

He is also a chef and loves to play video games, which is why he considers himself a gamer and a geek. Additionally, he is a member of the LGBTIQ community.


In the same reality show, Alfredo Adame stated that the breakup was due to the fact that he was considered a bad father and rejected the recent scandals in which he has been involved, such as his fight with Carlos Trejo and his romance with Magaly Chávez.

I consider it totally unfair that they have said ‘bad father’ because if anyone was a good father it was me. I gave my children life, I gave them love, affection, respect, I supported them and I gave them everything, everything, absolutely everything. I was always his best friend, I was always his best partner, I was always his… dad and I think I was the best dad”, He commented while shedding some tears.

In addition, he blamed the mother of his male children, Mary Paz Banquells, for the attitude they took against him. She assures that they were influenced to the point of moving away from him, which also generated Adame’s rejection of them.

It hurt me that their mother alienated them in that way against me and they began to act against me to the point that I even disowned them and disinherited them because I did not conceive why, being such a good father, they had treated me that way, so I thought I didn’t deserve that treatment and that’s why I adopted that attitude”, he admitted.

Diego, Alejandro, Sebastián with their mother (Photo: Mary Paz Banquells / Instagram)
Diego, Alejandro, Sebastián with their mother (Photo: Mary Paz Banquells / Instagram)

Prior to these statements, in January of this year, in an interview with “Ventaneando” Adame said that he had no relationship with his children.

There is no relationship, they are not my children and there is no relationship. They do not carry my blood, I do not know them completely and I disinherited them for a year”, he stated at the time.


It was Sebastián Adame who decided to break the silence and, in an interview for “”, He spoke about what his father commented. He assured that he, along with his brothers, were always willing to resume interaction with his father and that they have never believed that he is a bad father, a statement made by the actor.

Look, on the one hand it feels nice to hear that (reconciliation), because in the end it’s been two years of being afraid of: ‘why are the journalists going to call me?’, ‘what did my dad say?’ (…) Many times, despite everything, I always knew that he was working and that he was giving us the best life he could”, he clarified

However, he commented that his mother did not turn them against him, because after the divorce they continued to see him.

Also as regards alienating him in the divorce, the day after we moved here with my mom, the next day I saw him again and we went out to eat every Sunday.”, he added.