Who are the children of Alfredo Adame that he took out of his will? She is his only heir

Alfredo Adame, soap opera host and actor, has been the protagonist of various controversies in recent years. On social networks, on the street and even in politics, he has unleashed lawsuits and statements out of place, now it was because of his will, since he left out several of his children.

Despite having a stable job in the past, Alfredo Adame he has chosen to make his views known, sometimes in controversial ways. He has been involved in fights with Carlos Trejo and even wanted to run as a politician, recently he was beaten by some criminals.

In addition, his family life is not easy either, because after the divorce of his second partner, Mary Paz Banquells, the actor has completely distanced himself from his children, whom he even ignored and assures that they do not carry his blood. Apparently the distancing is due to their controversies.

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Who is the only heiress of Alfredo Adame?

we tell you who is the only person who will inherit his fortunebecause he called them “ungrateful” and assures that they will not receive anything from him.

Alfredo Adame has four children, three from his second marriage. The actor has said in some magazines and show programs that he has no other family, no siblings, no parents. However, he only gets along with one of his children and he is the one who inherited everything.

She is the eldest of his children and born to his first partner. She is currently 42 years old, it is not known who her mother is, but she and her grandchildren are the only close relatives of Alfredo Adame. For a famous entertainment magazine, the actor revealed that she is currently the one who manages all her money and property and she only gives him checks for her expenses, apparently it would be the universal heir.

He is the eldest of his children with Maryt Paz Banquells, he is 29 years old and is dedicated to marketing, like his Alfredo Adame, he also ventured as a voice actor for a renowned anime.

It was his second son, he is 27 years old and is considered the most handsome of all, apparently he is dedicated to being an artist and does some illustrations, but he usually keeps his life private.

He is the youngest of his four children, at 23 years old, he also followed in his father’s acting footsteps and has worked in anime dubbing with “Tokyo Revengers” with one of the most popular characters in the animated series, he is also a chef and gamer. Alfredo Adame also showed his support, since he is part of the LGBT community.