Why was Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 236 delayed?

Fans await the official release of Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 236. Well here in The Truth News Here’s everything you need to know about the next chapter delay and the new release schedule.

The Tokyo Revengers manga by Ken Wakui caught everyone’s attention after the release of the adaptation to the anime of Liden Films. Anime series confirmed to return with him Christmas Showdown Arc, which is great news for anime fans. However, the manga series is slowly approaching its end with the series finale arc.

The recent chapters of Tokyo Revengers have been an emotional journey for all the fans, especially the part where everyone said goodbye to Draken-Kun. Now, everyone is counting on Takemichi to bring back the good side of Mikey in the next chapters. Remember that the anime Tokyo Revengers will have a new season.

Release date Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 236

Tokyo Revengers Manga

Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 236 will be released worldwide on Tuesday, January 4, 2022 or Wednesday, January 5. According to some rumors online, the next chapter will start Takemichi’s last battle against Mikey. So it would be interesting to see how things progress in the story.

As of now, there are no official words stating that the next chapter will be delayed any further. Anyway, we will definitely update this post if there are any further delays. It was recently confirmed that the magazine is on hiatus this week due to the New Years celebration.

Readers in Japan can purchase Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine to read the latest chapters of Tokyo Revengers. On the other hand, international fans can buy all the manga volumes on the official Kodansha website.

How many chapters does the Tokyo Revengers manga have?

At the time of writing, Tokyo Revengers has 235 published manga chapters. In this chapter, we see Toman Gang visiting Takemichi in the hospital. They thanked Takemichi for taking care of Draken all these years and promised to be with him to the end.

They feel bad for not helping Draken, and all the members realize that it is Takemichi who is suffering the most right now. So the gang assures Takemichi that they will always give him a hand.

However, Takemichi decides not to involve anyone else, so he also asks Hina to leave him alone. Instead of leaving, Hina hugs Takemichi and asks him to cry, and that’s what Takemichi does. Finally, we inform that Tokyo Revengers manga confirms a major reprint.

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