Why you MUST watch Tokyo Revengers on Crunchyroll? – Spoiler Time

Ken Wakui knocked on the doors of success in 2017, when the magazine Shonen Magazine published the first chapter of his gripping sci-fi shonen, Tokyo Revengers (Tokyo Ribenjazu).

The manga surpassed the 3 millions copies sold, in addition to winning the award Manga Kodansha in the shonen category (for young men).


But the franchise exploded even more on April 11, 2021, when TV Tokyo, MBS and other Japanese broadcasters (with simulcast on Crunchyroll for our region) premiered the first of a long season (24 episodes), which by the time this article was written, is only 3 episodes away.

¿It is worth a mega-marathon of Tokyo Revengers, in pursuit of synchronizing with his season finale? Of course we do, and we explain why!

So faithful to the manga … that the protagonist also despairs you!

The story of Tokyo Revengers revolves around Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old young adult who really feels like a failure in his life, with a mediocre part-time job where even his boss (younger than him) treats him with disdain. After learning that his high school sweetheart is killed by a famous Tokyo gang, Takemichi he is thrown by someone onto the train tracks … but he does not die, he travels to the past! Can he stop Hinata from dying, and fix her pathetic life in the process?

The story is very extensive (it covers 24 volumes of manga to date) and we can assure you that the adaptation is extremely faithful to the original work, with all the twists of each time jump (in blocks of 12 years), although unfortunately including the ineptitude, cowardice and desperate attitude of the protagonist, a topic that has been talked about a lot, but that even specialists in human behavior praise, being VERY similar to what many of us do and we decide on a day-to-day basis. !Amazing!


Mixed feelings in their animation

The decision that Liden Films was in charge of the anime adaptation was very successful, being this young house founded in 2012 and with great successes under its belt (Terra Formars, Berserk, the majestic Killing Bites and the hilarious Magical Sempai). Praise for the battle sequences, character designs, and the play as a whole have received praise in each week’s premiere episode.

However, episode 19 left much to be desired, with terrible animation and static sequences in one of the most important battles in history, the “Bloody Halloween.” The lousy animation was a topic on social networks worldwide, and although the next episode resolved it immediately, many regret that adaptation is now “imperfect” as a whole.

A majestic soundtrack and songs

The music of the talented Hiroaki Tsutsumi it’s still perfect, and if they loved him for what he’s done in Teasing Master Takagi-san, Hyperdimension Neptunia and Dr. Stone, surely they will be fascinated with the frenetic score of Tokyo Revengers.

For his part, and as we discussed in our podcast Okina Kokorotaku, the entry and exit songs of the series are great and perfectly related to the theme and stress of the story, highlighting the incredible first opening “Cry Baby” by HIGE DANDism and the first ending “Take a breath” by well, although the recent change to the ending song “Tokyo Wonder” from Nakimushi Perfect match with the current arc of the sinister Halloween.

You can also enjoy a great cast in Japanese, with a good dubbing, to dry (we did not like it so much, although the option it offers Crunchy it is to be thankful).


The only bad thing … the stupid censorship!

Funny thing: when the manga began to be distributed in the West, in early 2021, many confused the Buddhist symbol swastika present both in the Japanese title of the work and in the uniforms and name of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Because people confused it with the Nazi swastika, which is the reverse of the one mentioned above!

This caused numerous modified vignettes, and what is worse, terrible censorship in the anime episodes with “light effects”, black boxes and other resources that do nothing but ruin the original work, which has nothing to do with anyway. the terrible regime of Adolf Hitler, but being a story about violent gang fights …so that they see it, in the first instance?


What we can tell you is that it is a good story full of human values, for what we recommend that you do not miss it, in Crunchyroll.