Will fans like the end of Tokyo Revengers?: They filter the last chapter of the manga

Apparently after the end of the work, the mangaka plans to publish 8 new chapters that represent the stories of the founding members of the Toman.

Tokyo Revengers is just days away from receiving its final chapter, culminating in 278 chapters.. Despite the ups and downs that the story could have, it also knew how to keep the attention of its readers. Mangaka Ken Wakui has always had surprises in store for this series, however, the most recent twist seems to have fans distraught as the ending turned out to be something completely unexpected.

As social media users will have seen, Tokyo Revengers is trending all over the world on Twitter, Tumblr, and even Reddit right now, due to the fact that images have been leaked and what will happen in the last chapter of the manga that should come out on November 16 in Japan.

According to the leak, the chapter includes a color front page and a color double page in the middle. Additionally, the cover of the 51st issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine features a color page of the entire cast of Tokyo Avengers.


Tokyo Avengers chapter 278 spoilers give a glimpse of the future. The chapter begins with Mikey cheering Takemichi on as he cowers during her wedding to Hinata. As they prepare, the chapter lists all the characters and what they are doing in the new future.

All the characters who died one by one throughout the story came back. Even those with malicious intent returned to the side of the good guys. Until now, all the important characters have held a position of power in the new Tokyo Manji Gang.

The chapter ends with Takemichi and Hinata walking down the steps after the ceremony to meet their friends while the entire cast of the manga is waiting for them. Everyone cheers and congratulates Takemichi, who thanks his friends from the bottom of his heart, the last panel of the series is that of Hinata’s bouquet, thrown into the air.

Wakasa and Benkei run a martial arts dojo, while Seishu helps Shinichiro at his bike shop. Spoilers don’t reveal what Draken is up to, but he is present with Emma and is seen talking to Izana. South Terano he is inexplicably present at the wedding alongside the Haitani brothers, Madarame, Muto, and Mochizuki.

The Akashi brothers seem to have a better relationship with each other, and Takeomi is seen at the wedding. Hinata carries the wedding dress which Mitsuya made to him in chapter 200, implying that he works as a designer with the two younger Shiba brothers. While Baji and Chifuyu seem as close as ever, with the latter crying openly when his best friend gets married. With Baji alive, Chifuyu is likely to pursue her dream of becoming a pilot, leaving Baji and Kazutora in charge of the pet shop.

The two most glaring issues are Naoto Tachibana and Hajime Kokonoi, who are present in the final spread but haven’t been mentioned individually in the spoilers. They also don’t mention the Mizo Middle Five team.

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Furthermore, the translations indicate that the mangaka plans to publish 8 new chapters depicting the stories of the founding members of the Toman after the main series ends. This short series would bear the title of “Tokyo Revengers Extra”.

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With over 50 million copies in circulation worldwide, Tokyo Revengers is Kodansha’s most successful series since Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan, which remains one of the best-selling manga of all time with over 100 million copies. copies sold.

Liden Films, the studio behind Tribe Nine and the reboot of Rurouni Kenshinhas adapted Wakui’s story into an anime series. Directed by Kōichi Hatsumi (Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I – The Egg of the King) and written by Yasuyuki Muto (Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway), the first season premiered in April 2021 and the second season is scheduled to debut in January 2023, which will begin with the bow of Christmas Showdown.