Will Tokyo Revengers have a third season? This is what is known so far


News of the series was announced. Find out what is known about a third installment of the anime.

Tokyo Revengers.
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Many fans have fallen in love with the series Tokyo Revengers. After the early premiere of its second seasonhis followers wonder if there will be a third installment of the film adaptation of the manga, which has 28 volumes. That is why we have the following information that you will surely be interested in knowing.

Is there a third season of Tokyo Revengers?

There is still no official information about a third installment from the series.

What is the promotional video for Tokyo Revengers?

Then we announce the promotional video of Tokyo Revengers for its second installment.

The production Tokyo Revengers It started in April 2021, and premiered a first season made up of 24 episodes. As for the manga, this was born by
Ken Wakui, published in Kōdansha’s weekly Shūkan Shōnen Magazine since March 2017.

There is another novelty of Tokyo Revengers

According to the Third Draken’s voice actor will be played by Masaya Fukunishi, this after the departure of Tatsuhisa Suzuki.

Where to watch Tokyo Revengers?

In previous seasons, fans of the show enjoyed the episodes through Crunchyroll streaming service, the platform that tackles most anime titles. However, the seasons were withdrawn from the catalog in November of last year, since it was confirmed that The Walt Disney Company has an established partnership with Kodansha to co-produce and distribute productions based on Kodansha’s manga, and Tokyo Revengers was part of the deal.

When does the second season of Tokyo Revengers premiere?

the new chapters They will be released in January 2023. Excellent news for his fans, however, surely soon they will want to know when a third season of the series will be confirmed. Meanwhile, we will be attentive about news of the popular anime.