Will we see Nicolas Cage in a second season of National Treasure?


For: samuel moreno | 18-12-22

series of National Treasure (The Legend of the Lost Treasure) had a rather low-key premiere last week via Disney Plus. Based on the films starring Nicolas Cage (and set in the same universe), the show marked the return of this franchise that fans have been asking for for years.

However, there was quite a bit of disappointment in how they were treating the series, as it was nowhere to be found. Nicolas Cage returning to his role Benjamin Gates. In their place, we have a new group of adventurers.

Antonio Cipriano, the actor in charge of playing ‘Oren’, spoke with Screen Rant about the importance of Cage’s character throughout the show, and that he would be delighted to work with the actor. In addition, he mentions that his potential presence in a hypothetical second season would be more than interesting.

Nicolas Cage

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«It’s still Ben Gates, it’s still the character. His presence is well known» mentions Cipriano regarding how the National Treasure series is within the same universe. Also, his wish is to bring the characters from the movies into the show, as it would be quite funny. «there are endless possibilities» adds the actor.

It is not yet clear if Disney will bet on a second season, since the critics with the show were not entirely positive. Many regret the absence of Nicolas Cage, since he was one of those who transmitted quite a lot of charisma to the movies, and the new actors seem to have problems sustaining the series. What Antonio Cipriano said sounds more like a wish than something that can come true; In addition, you have to take into account Nicolas Cage’s agenda and if he would be interested in appearing in a television series.