Yu Yu Hakusho live-action shows Yusuke and Kurama in first images

Yes, Netflix is ​​still determined to make everything live-action and a first look at Yu Yu Hakusho has already been revealed

Well I didn’t remember there was a live-action of “Yu Yu Hakusho” in production, things as they are. But the truth, seeing that Netflix he wants to create live-action of absolutely everything, the memory didn’t surprise me either. The issue is that now the platform is finally starting to give up the first images (and names) behind this production I have no idea how it will turn out, but like all of them it makes me panic.

This is how Yusuke and Kurama are in the live-action of Yu Yu Hakusho

That said, before leaving you with the information that has been recently confirmed about the live-action of “Yu Yu Hakusho”, I leave you with the first two images that have been revealed (via @NetflixAnime):

And now that you’ve been able to take a look at it, you may be interested in the following:

  • Yu Yu Hakusho’s live-action is still planned for premiere in December 2023. Yes, next year, not this year. ❗
  • The first two actors confirmed for the live-action are Takumi Kitamura, who will play Yusuke, and Jun Shison, who will play Kurama. ❗
  • It’s time to say that Takumi Kitamura played Takemichi in last year’s live-action Tokyo Revengersa film that it blew it up at the japanese box office.
  • Also, it has been announced that during the next few days the rest of the characters will be revealed main for the live-action of Yu Yu Hakusho. Or what comes to the same thing: they will show a first look at Hiei and Kuwabara as well.

Obviously right now there is no idea how this live-action of “Yu Yu Hakusho” will turn out, and seeing that he manages it netflix japan Well, it gives you a little more confidence. But again I refer to the usual: one thing is to make a live-action of “Tokyo Revengers”, which in short is 4 crazy teenagers beating each other, and another thing is to take IPs like these where you have people blowing up buildings with energy bombs. But hey, just wait.

Synopsis for Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke Urameshi was a troubled teenager until a selfless act changed his life… causing it to end. When he died saving a child from a car accident, the afterlife didn’t really know what to do with him, so it gave him a second chance at life. Now, Yusuke is a ghost with a mission: to perform good deeds on behalf of Botan, the spirit guide of the dead, and Koenma, his boss ‘on the other side’ who is always accompanied by a pacifier. What strange situations await him on this edge between life and death?

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