ZNMaga News #13 – Manga Barcelona changes location… and dates!

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  • Manga Barcelona changes location… and dates!
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  • The Japan Academy of Art nominates Chiba Tetsuya and TSUGE Yoshiharu
  • One-shot to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Haikyuu!!
  • Top-10 sleeve sales
  • Manga Barcelona changes location… and dates!

    The geek tradition of this country dictated that the Barcelona Comic Fair be held between May and April and the Manga Fair during the bridge of all saints. A few years ago the «Salón del» fell from the title and we stayed with the Cómic y Manga Barcelona. Okay, Comic no, comic, to make it more international. But the changes have not stopped here. This week ficomic announced that the Manga Barcelona will be held at the Fira Gran Via located in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. An enclave that hosts fairs as important as the Mobile World Congress. The change of location is not a surprise, many fairs have moved to the Gran Via venue and, in addition, there is a redevelopment plan for the Plaça Espanya area. But what has outraged fans and regulars at Manga Barcelona is the change of dates. We went from the end of October to the beginning of December. Criticisms have been expected. The cold, the Christmas campaign, exam dates… All elements that seem to row against the calendar change. We hope that in the end the elements in favor such as a larger and more modern space will add up more and we will have a 28th edition in style. And, to you, what do you think of the news? Head over to the comments and say yours!

    The Japan Academy of Art nominates Chiba Tetsuya and TSUGE Yoshiharu

    The Japan Academy of Art, an organization that reports directly to the Agency for Cultural Affairs of the Government of Japan, each year nominates artists from the fields of plastic arts, literary arts and performing arts. Many mangaka have been recognized within the literary arts category and, this year, the Academy has nominated for Chiba Tetsuyaauthor of Ashita No Joe and TSUGE Yoshiharu Gegika pioneer and author of works such as La mujer de alado.

    One-shot to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Haikyuu!!

    Via ANN we have found out that soon in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine we will be able to read a Haikyu one-shot!! the sleeve of FURUDATE Haruichi which is breaking records in Spain celebrates the tenth anniversary of the beginning of its publication and in addition to the one shot they are working on a commemorative book, an exhibition and stickers for Line, among others. If you have been locked in a cave these last few years and you don’t know what Haikyuu! go through our review.


    Top-10 sleeve sales

    We finish our review of current manga and anime with the ranking of the 10 best-selling manga in Japan during the week between February 14 and 20, according to the data offered by the portal Oricon.

    Top Sales Manga Japan FEB22-2

    In a week in which several heavyweights have appeared, only two titles from the latest ranking (volume 33 of My Hero Academia and 48 of Chihayafuru) have been able to resist another week among the ten best-selling volumes. Both volume 26 of tokyo avengers like volume 64 of Kingdom have entered the first two positions with spectacular sales figures, which have been followed at a great distance in third place by the sixth compilation of Uma Musume: Cinderella Graya manga that forms a transmedia project created by Cygames.