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  • Bakemonogatari enters its final phase
  • Lamu’s new animation series
  • News on the situation of Tell me, Galko-chan
  • ITO Junji switches to dubbing
  • Top-10 manga sales
  • Bakemonogatari enters its final phase

    According to him portal ANN, the series of NisioIsin Y Oh! Great, Bakemonogatari reaches its final stage and should end this year 2022. When Milky Way Editions announced that they were betting on this title, fans erupted in comments of support and gratitude on social networks. Hopefully the series has been a bestseller for the Galician publisher.

    Lamu’s new animation series

    Own TAKAHASHI Rumiko has announced on his Twitter account that in 2022 we will be able to see a new animated adaptation of Lamu. The alien who conquered the hearts of all of us in the 90s promises to bring us new and fun stories. At the moment we do not know many details, just a few dubbers, that the series will adapt chapters of the manga and that it will be broadcast in 2022. We hope that it will arrive soon in Spain!
    By the way, in the year 2021 we have been able to enjoy a selected and color edition of Lamu’s adventures, if you didn’t know, check out our review.

    News on the situation of Tell me, Galko-chan

    The last news we explained to you that SUZUKI Kenya, author of Tell me, Galko-chan he had been arrested for possession of child pornography. In the last days, Fandogamia has announced the imminent withdrawal of all copies from the market while the original publisher, Kadokawaen, announced the suspension of serialization.

    ITO Junji switches to dubbing

    ITO Junji He has uploaded a video to his social networks where we see him in a recording studio. Apparently, the author would be dubbing a character from the animated adaptation of Uzumaki. In principle this anime directed by NAGAHAMA Hiroshi (Mushi-shi) will consist of four episodes and will see the light of the year. If you do not know the Uzumaki manga, we leave you two reviews to get the bug bite you and go to the store for it: review 1 and review 2.

    Top-10 manga sales

    ZNManga News ITO Junji moves to dubbing and new

    Once again, we conclude this review of manga and anime news with a look at the ranking of manga sales in Japan between December 13 and 19. On this occasion, the editorial stands out Kodansha, which places four titles among the ten best-selling manga of the week. The first place, how could it be otherwise every time a new compilation volume is published, is for WAKUI Ken, which only a few days has seen more than half a million copies of volume 25 of Tokyo Revengers, the latest publishing phenomenon from the Japanese country, which has also been noted in our country. In fourth place is placed the new volume of That time I turned into slime, The popular isekai from Fuse Y Kawakami, posted here by Editorial Standard.

    This publisher closes the ranking with two new volumes of each cool. The first of them is volume 29 of the long-lived Diamon no Ace Act II, sequel to this baseball series, while the tenth place is for the new volume of Blue Lock, manga that will begin to publish Comic Planet in a few months.

    The almighty Shueisha one more week has a great presence, getting the second and third place of the best-selling volumes with the new compilations of Uma Musume: Cinderella Gray Y One Piece, respectively, maintaining the magnum opus of ROOM Eichiro for the third consecutive week on the podium. In sixth and seventh place we find volumes 24 and 28 of Kaguya-sama. Love is war Y Golden Kamuy, two series also published successfully in our country, while the fifth volume of Kaiju N. 8, work from the digital manga platform Jump + and that will soon arrive in our country from the hand of Comic Planet, takes eighth place and remains in this top for the third consecutive week.

    Volume 10 of Mystery to Iunakare, located in the fifth place in the list, is the only representation of Shogakukan, the other great Japanese publisher, thanks to this story starring a young student who solves mysteries, which has received critical and public recognition in his country.